3 Benefits Of Natural Stone You’re Missing Out On

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You’ll have heard about how amazing natural stone is. Unless you’re already using it, you might wonder why exactly it’s so cherished.

There are a number of reasons. We’ve put together the three main benefits you may be missing out on…

    1. It provides an elite look

The quality properties of natural stone are evident upon setting eyes on it. It’s little wonder that this superior look and fashioning adds value to any property it is used in. The boosted kerb appeal will be a great help if you ever decide to sell up.

Additional value is also attained because each piece of natural stone is unique. It has its own veining, characteristics and colour gradations. Distinctiveness is furthered by the wide variety of stones and patterns available.

Marble is one of the most stunning stones, being able to achieve both a glossy and matt effect. Onyx has a magnetising backlighting effect you can’t get elsewhere. There is also a specific elite range for the most luxurious look.

  1. It has a long-lasting appearance

This premium appearance will last for years to come as well, as the properties of natural stone ensure its longevity.

For example, slate is great for keeping its appeal because it resists stains and is able to hold on to its dark, powerful tones. Therefore, you can continue to contrast it against brighter colours like cream for a striking look.

Dekton battles any UV light, meaning that it is perfect for protecting from the sun and won’t fade or degrade as time passes by. Many stones are low maintenance when it comes to cleaning, so you can guarantee this longevity without much bother.

3. It has durable properties

Natural stone’s appearance isn’t the only thing that is retained by its properties. Granite is incredibly strong – in fact, only diamonds are tougher. It doesn’t let heat harm its surface either, making it one of the most durable stones available.

All sorts of porcelain withstand wear and tear too. Lapitec is fantastic for wet settings as it is non-porous. It’s also highly resistant against scratches. This means it can be used in bathrooms and kitchens alike without risking damage.

Travertine is another extremely durable natural stone. It’s very easy to replace too. Therefore, even if it does come to some sort of harm, the renovation work won’t take up much time or effort.

For those stones that do require more maintenance, you can simply apply a sealer to ensure protection and boost longevity.

Contact RC Coppin to benefit from natural stone

Once you know the value of natural stone, it’s tough to resist integrating it into your property. Thankfully many types are perfectly affordable, meaning you have an abundant selection to choose from.

With so many options, it can be difficult to determine the best stone, colour and pattern for you. RC Coppin can assist.

We’ll work closely with you throughout the entire process. You will have a personal Account Manager who will help you find a stone that suits your property perfectly.

Contact us today for an initial consultation, and discover the benefits of natural stone for yourself.

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