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The kitchen, in many ways, is the heart of the home. You cook, sit and eat with those you love. Guests may spend a lot of their visiting time there, whilst parties and seasonal events rely on it throughout the day. These are all reasons for ensuring your kitchen aesthetic is something beautiful and long-lasting.

Natural stone can fulfil that need. For a premier feel, you might want to take in our Elite Range – the most luxurious stones we’ve come across in our century of stonemasonry.

Follow us as we walk you through the top-range choices for kitchen stonework.

Notable neutrality

Many people prefer a calm, low-key look for their kitchen to highlight cleanliness and lighting. Neutral colours are a classic choice. You can use white, faded orange, and pale wood as a complement. Grey and chrome steel are two more tones for skirting, worktops, splashbacks and panels.

But stone should form the bedrock of your counters or (potentially) the tiles underfoot. From this perspective, we recommend Macaubas – a rippling series of cream lines on greyish white, with the odd darker line for visual interest.

Or how about Roma Imperiale? It’s a popular natural stone with cappuccino-like swirls against an off-white background. This creates a premium feel whilst staying subtle.

The marine effect

Alternatively, you may go for a medley of greens, blues and flecks of cream. This aquatic appearance comes into its own with wooden flooring, or precious stones for emphasis.

The trick is to use natural light; otherwise, these colours can become dark or overwhelming. Try cuts of Azul Bahia for your kitchen island, acting as the centre of your design plans. Azul Imperial, meanwhile, is a more subtle variation on the marine theme, featuring stand-out yellows that hold the eye.

Looking to countertops, we suggest Amazonite: a blend of green and sandy brown, almost the same as a seafloor. Oak and coral can frame this stone so that it gets the prominence it deserves.

Industrial authenticity

When we think of an industrial mood, what does it really mean? You may point to several materials, such as iron, steel and reclaimed wood. But stone is another key element. It can add visual dynamism in a kitchen that’s in contrast to the ‘less is more’ approach.

Consider, for instance, Azul Boquira, which resembles slate or dark concrete. With well-angled statement lighting, you’re able to show this piece off without disrupting the rugged, muted image of the room at large. Another good option is Black Portoro, with some of the most striking veins you’ll find in the RC Coppin collection.

We haven’t even covered the majority of our Elite Range, so there’s still more to discover before your next great kitchen installation. If you want guidance or further recommendations for your project, speak to our team. We have treated hundreds of kitchens over the decades, and we know just what to suggest if you’re reaching for the highest quality out there.

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