Stonethica Marble

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Natural beauty from the heart of the Apuan Alps

The Stonethica production process uses mainly Apuan marble but also waste products from other stone machining processes in combination with natural heterogeneous materials. The latter feature allows for a bespoke product in response to specific interior design, taste and style preferences.

Whatever the project, for Stonethica it represents an opportunity to pass on its values: natural stone, beauty, timeless quality and eco-friendly materials. For architects, interior designers, marble workers, dealers and end customersStonethica ensures the best solution for all requirements.

Stone Texture

The end result of Stonethica’s ecological production cycle is the creation of a homogeneous material with a typical layered texture resulting from the combination and overlapping of stone slabs. While to the touch the finish of the Stonethica slabs is the same as smooth, polished and leathered marble, the consistency of the material prevents there being noticeable differences or intersections between the layers of recycled waste material.

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