Cimstone Quartz

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Colours making nature jealous spring to life with the robustness of quartz...

Shaping quartz mineral which is one of the hardest mineral in nature with the state-of-art technology of the present day, Çimstone offers elegant, robust and hygienic counters for kitchens and bathrooms.

Displaying a high wear and scratch resistance thanks to the quartz mineral of 7 mohs hardness which comprises its composition, Çimstone takes the radiance and robustness of the quartz mineral to surfaces.

Richness of design combines with robustness...

Çimstone is a quartz-based compound stone produced with the Italian BRETON technology. Combining the natural stone textures with the robustness of quartz, Çimstone is reliably used for laboratories in particular due to its anti-bacterial hygienic composition. Further, it may be applied to such different areas of use as internal walls, facade, stairs, window sills, skirting and flooring.

Not absorbing liquid due to its compact composition, Çimstone is stainproof and displays a high resistance to the abrasive effects of acids and bases thank to this property. It may be produced in different colours compatible with cupboard covers, which suit different expectations, with texture and design alternatives. Capable of being provided with effects with such different materials as mirror, glass, seashells colored with pigments, Çimstone offers such alternatives different from those surface covering materials which have come to be accustomed up to the present time and completes the changing kitchen and bathroom culture and modern designs of the present day.

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