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The benefits of Kitchen Worktops by Sapienstone

SapienStone dresses up the kitchen in a great variety of colours. Our signature difference? SapienStone is a full-bodied porcelain imbued with veining that give its surface a more realistic look: a look that is unmatched in any other product.

Our colour palette includes the most popular colours for use in today’s kitchen: whites, beiges, greys and blacks.

Technical benefits of SapienStone

SapienStone porcelain slabs were specifically developed to respond to the strictest requirements of the kitchen countertop, with an innate resistance to high temperatures, stains, chemical products, and scratching. It can also be used outdoors, as sunlight will not alter any of its properties.

All of these features work together to ensure that your home will look refreshingly polished for years to come, thanks to SapienStone’s beautiful and tough resilience.

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