Semi Precious

The brilliance of semi-precious stones is hard to overlook

The brilliance of semi-precious stones is hard to overlook. For luxury interiors, they instil a ‘wow’ factor that’s hard to achieve with anything else. When used to form a focal point such as a worktop, floor or basin, the results are spectacular.

However, crafting units from these materials takes time, patience and expertise. RC Coppin Ltd have the specialist knowledge and equipment to tailor semi-precious stones to your décor and specifications.

Selecting Semi-Precious Stones

Authenticity and traceability are key when sourcing semi-precious stones, which makes it wise to consult a team of stone masons when planning your design project

Our specialists have a keen understanding of these materials’ distinctive qualities, and how to harness their properties for internal applications. From almost-translucent vanity units to scratch-resistant worktops, we can help you source beautiful materials that suit your exact requirements.


Semi-precious stones, when installed properly, create a focal point in the room, enhancing the value of your home or commercial space. For seamless installation, trust RC Coppin Ltd to orchestrate the entire process.

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