Travertine offers a cost-effective alternative to marble and granite

A beautiful variation of limestone, travertine offers a cost-effective alternative to marble and granite. It’s an appealing choice for both commercial and domestic clients on a budget who don’t want to compromise on stunning stonework.

We have an in-depth understanding of travertine – also known as calcium carbonate – and its properties. Our stonemasons can help you harness this material, with expert advice and professional installation.

The qualities of Travertine

Price isn’t the only factor that lends itself to the appeal of travertine; it’s also extremely durable, and reassuringly easy to replace. This makes renovation work simple, providing you apply due care and maintenance.

Travertine is rich in variety, thanks to the complex formation process surrounding mineral spring deposits. You can find a wealth of colours and tones, allowing you to customise tiles, floors, cladding and units to your taste.


To harness this natural stone for your fit-out or renovation, it’s wise to partner with stone masons that specialise in travertine. RC Coppin Ltd can help you make an informed decision, from weighing up the materials at your disposal to selecting a grade of travertine for your project.

We combine our expertise with cutting-edge equipment to shape, finish and install stonework on any scale. So whether you’re investing in travertine flooring or a hand-cut basin for your bathroom, you’ll be in safe hands.

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