For a sleek, textured look to your stonework

For a sleek, textured look to your stonework, slate is an outstanding choice. A traditional pick for roofing that’s becoming increasingly popular for internal and external applications, natural slate looks stunning in the right environment.

Our stone masons specialise in slate installations for kitchens, bathrooms and external renovations. Whether you’re searching for tiles, worktops or cladding, RC Coppin Ltd can help you achieve the best possible results from natural stone.

A spotlight on slate

The striking dark colours and rich textures of slate make it irresistible for both traditional and contemporary properties. Not only is it visually appealing; slate resists stains and conceals dirt well, meaning it’s reassuringly low maintenance.

Versatile and affordable, slate gives you the freedom to fulfil your vision, whether you’re planning external renovations or an interior fit-out. RC Coppin Ltd can work with your ideas and budget to bring your designs to life.


Slate comes in such a diverse range of colours, sizes and styles that it pays to get a second opinion. Our stone masons offer invaluable insights into this material, drawing on our experience and product knowledge to help you reach an informed decision.

We can guide you through the selection process, before using time-honoured techniques to prepare and install your slate tiles, flooring, worktop or cladding. We also offer restoration services to homeowners and commercial clients seeking to renovate existing slate installations.

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