The appearance of your office, hotel or restaurant will decide how people see your business. For any commercial design project, it’s vital to have a team of contractors who understand what each choice brings to the table, and how it affects the wider nature of your build.

RC Coppin Ltd can get to the heart of your brand, showcasing your premises with luxury, high-quality materials. Our stonemasons are experts in natural stone cladding, flooring and furniture for commercial interiors. We work with architects, developers, interior designers and business owners to deliver stonework that speaks to your unique character.


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No two brands are alike. At RC Coppin Ltd, we take careful steps to ascertain what tables, surfaces and surrounds you might need, appropriate to your aesthetic vision. Our stonemasons collaborate with everyone on your project, ensuring the finer details of your construction or refurbishment fit together.

We can even assist with project management, guiding your build with our years of experience. Our bespoke service means that, no matter how unique or unusual the design, we can help you deliver it. Our stonemasons scour the globe for the latest trends and most exotic materials, to make your job simple and enjoyable.


We draw on four generations’ worth of knowledge and experience, working with clients, architects and interior designers to establish the best course of action. Our practices, just like the industry, have evolved: new machines, processes and management techniques sit alongside what’s always made us the best at what we do.

Some of our clients include Buckingham Palace, Netflix, Marks & Spencer and Hilton Hotels. Their assignments, and yours, can be extremely complex – and we’re more than up to the challenge. Whether you’re transforming a bar or coffee shop, or laying the foundations of a new office space, we will set your creativity in stone.

To arrange a free consultation or site visit, call 01376 550 009 or email and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

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