Natural stone comes in so many beautiful colours and variations that it can be difficult to narrow down what’s right for you. Struggling to identify the differences between types of stone? Let’s take a closer look.


Granite is a naturally occurring stone with a granular texture, available in a variety of patterns and colours. It’s extremely hard and durable; only diamonds are tougher. In fact, our stonemasons must use diamond-coated blades to cut the slabs. Beauty and strength make it a go-to material for kitchens and bathrooms.

Our granite products are impregnated with a silicone-based sealer, which leaves an antibacterial, stain-resistant surface. It’s always cool, while heat will not damage the surface – two ideal qualities for a kitchen worktop.

Despite its tough, luxurious properties, it’s not as expensive as you might think. Granite is found on every continent; its abundance makes it accessible and affordable. Plus, the varieties mean you can put your own stamp on interior design by adding a truly bespoke (yet reasonably priced) piece to your home.


Marble is a true favourite among sculptors and architects thanks to its high level of resistance and beautiful varieties of decorative, natural veining. It’s an ideal material for bathrooms and saunas due to its breathing abilities, while it’s relatively easy to sculpt for fireplaces.

When polished to achieve a characteristic glossy finish, marble looks truly stunning. You can even add another dimension to the design by combining a shiny and matt effect.

Marble is not recommended for kitchen worktops, as it’s prone to staining, scratching and chipping. However, there are ways to achieve the sought-after marble look with granite or quartz should you wish.


As one of the most abundant riches of the earth, quartz has been used since antiquity in science, manufacturing and jewellery making. Today, this material is used to create gorgeous man-made surfaces that are extremely popular in kitchens and bathrooms.

As an extremely strong material, quartz is great for creating worktops that complement even the most unusual of designs. It’s not great with the heat, and can be vulnerable to fading, but otherwise it’s an enduring choice for key rooms in the home.

We supply quartz from a variety of brands, including Silestone, Caesarstone, Cimstone and Cambria, allowing us to guarantee the quality of our products.


A helping of one magnificent effect can go a long way, and slate fits the bill for dusky, sleek cladding and tiling. It’s a low-maintenance choice for kitchens, bathrooms and any other interior that’s seeking a dark visual tone.

That also means it’s a fantastic contrast material. Pair it against or below a brighter shade, like cream or white, and it’ll look even bolder. What’s more, it’s very cheap, and provides a chic impression when it’s laid in bulk.


This is a light-shaded form of limestone, pressurised for millions of years on the seabed. Funnily enough, it tends to have a sandy appearance, and melds with terracotta, beige wallpaper and gold bathroom taps.

Travertine is extremely durable, and reassuringly straightforward to replace if your kitchen or bathroom is subject to wear and tear over the years. It’s also much more affordable than marble or granite if you’re working to a budget.


Porcelain offers a stylish and hard-wearing base for tiles and worktops. It is, however, very tricky to cut – if you don’t hire an expert to do the job, it’s likely to deliver less than precise results.

The gorgeous outcome of well-crafted porcelain is worth the effort. Plus, as a high-performance stone, you can trust its ability to withstand wear and tear. Just make sure you select your source carefully; we recommend Dekton or Lapitec.


Alternating colours can have a mesmerising effect when used selectively, and onyx certainly comes in a wide number of permutations. Made up of silica minerals, it’s an elegant yet durable choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

When used moderately, it can be an arresting room feature, characterised by vivid, blooming slabs of colour. We suggest crafting an onyx cut here and there, isolating the backlighting impact.

Semi-Precious Stones

As the capper to your decor, delve into the inspiring world of semi-precious stones. They can be used for all sorts of applications, and tend to have an enchanting, translucent appearance.

For a bespoke worktop, sink or vanity unit, semi-precious stones are the very height of opulence. You can find an array of colours with the right support from a stonemason.

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