Ceralsio Porcelain

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Discover Ceralsio

Ceralsio is a beautiful, hard-wearing and versatile range of ceramic surfaces, built for the demands of modern living.

Thanks to its lack of pores, Ceralsio is completely impermeable and highly stain resistant. Its many benefits also includes a strong resistance to scratch, heat and wear and tear. As a very hard material it is suitable for kitchen and bathroom countertops, flooring and wall-cladding. Its colour and texture remain unchanged even when Ceralsio is used outdoors, since it can withstand the effects of ultra-violet rays without its surface appearance being altered in any way.

Highest Grade

Ceralsio has been developed by using the highest grade of ceramic material. The selection and fusion of the purest of materials, compacted at a force of 4,000 kg/m2 and sintered at temperatures of over 1200°C make it a porcelain surface. The highly innovative manufacturing process creates unique, unrepeatable finishes can be achieved, thanks to the use of the high-precision “Full Digital” printing system.

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