You can find our granite, marble and quartz kitchen worktops around Essex (where we are based), as well as in the following locations:

  • Suffolk
  • Kent
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Bedfordshire
  • London
  • Norfolk
  • Hertfordshire
  • Surrey
  • Sussex

5-10 working days (from template to installation).

Ensure that cabinets are secured firmly to the wall, are level and have sufficient braces and that the floor can support the weight of granite worktops. Make sure you know the final locations of sinks, hobs, taps or any other fittings. Note Measurements taken at that time are crucial to ensure a good fitting environment. Changes after we have taken our measurements and templates are likely to cause significant difficulties.

It is preferred that you are there, so that we can make sure the design fits your requirements, i.e. what side would you like your draining grooves, etc.

Granite is a very dense and heavy material so it is not practical to provide pieces of granite worktops larger than 3 x 2 metres. We also might need to add other joints if access is restricted or due to design requirements, and it is not practical to fit the granite worktop in one piece. This will be made clear when templating. We will work with you to put the most appropriate position for the joints. In general, our joints are less than 3mm wide and will be filled with a masonry resin in an appropriate colour.

If you prefer. We can just supply the product and, if you wish, you can arrange your own installation team or DIY. Please be aware that our worktops weigh more than 90 kilograms per square metre and need to be handled with due care and consideration.

Yes, to approve your worktops and sign a form on satisfactory completion.

Our worktops are very heavy and can be difficult to handle in confined spaces. Our fitters are experienced and will be extremely careful. However, please remove cupboard fronts and any items that may get damaged during fitting of worktops. We cannot take responsibility for damage to such items that are left in place.

We fix sinks and hobs to the worktops, but you should ask a suitably qualified plumber and gas fitter to connect the water and gas. We work alongside plumbers all the time so if you are struggling to find one then contact your sales representative and they will be happy to recommend one in your area.

Walls are rarely straight or square, to minimise the gaps between the wall and the worktops our fitters may need to chase out plaster, etc. Naturally, every care is taken to minimise the impact of such work and any damage to plaster will be rectified by the installation team.

Small gaps between the worktop and the wall should be expected. Our fitting team may also need to slightly modify walls next to the worktop to minimise gaps. Therefore, we advise fitting a splash back or tiling after your worktop is fitted. Have you thought about matching up stands and splash backs? We can manufacture these for you – talk to our team.

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