How To Use Natural Stone To Transform Your Shopfront

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When thinking how to refurbish your commercial premises, you might instantly think of making over the interior. But have you thought about the exterior? As the customer’s first impression of your brand, it’s vital that it gives off the right one.

The best way to do this is to employ natural stone. Here, we explore how exactly you can use this material to completely transform your shopfront…

Improves appearance

Natural stone emanates beauty. Its elegant look instantly draws people in, contributing to significant footfall to your premises. The material could be incorporated via the cladding, or perhaps if your premises has an outdoor area you could use it here. A natural stone patio will most definitely lure in any passers-by.

As it’s also eco-friendly, anyone who’s conscious of the environment is certain to be attracted to your business due to this easy-to-spot demonstration of sustainability.

Unique look

 Not only will your shopfront be attractive, it will be completely individual too. This is because every piece is entirely unique, with its own veining, characteristics and colour gradations. As there is also a wide spectrum of stones and patterns, you can be certain your premises will have a one-of-a-kind look.

Your brand will stand out against the rest and will come to the mind of your customers much more easily. That could spell the difference between them visiting your premises over a competitor’s.


You can have faith that the lure of natural stone won’t fade anytime soon either. Its durable properties ensure it lasts the test of time. You can opt for granite, which is stain-resistant. This means its appearance won’t be affected by coming into contact with any liquids.

Another option is slate. It’s waterproof, so you can be certain that rainfall won’t be an issue. The material also conceals dirt well, resulting in less maintenance needed.

Easy to clean

In fact, many types of natural stone require minimum effort when it comes to cleaning. These include the eye-catching Stonethica, which is a divine blend of recycled marble and other natural stones.

Being less likely to get dirty means that no one will be deterred away from an unattractive appearance. With time and money saved on cleaning, you’ll be able to focus your efforts elsewhere too. Why not invest those resources into a seasonal window display?

Contact RC Coppin to revamp your shopfront

Now you’re aware of how you can use natural stone within your exterior, you can think about which one would look best. It’s not only the type you’ll need to consider, but also the colour and pattern. With so many decisions to make, it’s helpful to get an expert, outsider’s opinion.

This is where RC Coppin can assist. We’ll outline what is involved at every stage of the entire process and give you all the tailored advice you require.

Contact us today for an initial consultation. With over a century’s worth of experience, you can be sure that your transformed exterior will revitalise your business.

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