3 Tips For Transforming Your Bathroom With Porcelain

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Porcelain feels like a natural choice when renovating a bathroom. Its durable properties make it perfect for this typically hard-to-keep-clean space. But often those wanting to present a luxury impression with this stone, whether for guests or potential homebuyers, aren’t quite sure on the how when it comes to transforming their bathroom.

Here, we offer three ways you can integrate porcelain in your makeover.

1. Make a feature of flooring

With daily use, you might feel hesitant to spend effort and money on your flooring. However, Laminam’s traits mean that it’s incredibly easy to clean. You can get the most from its refined appearance, with minimum effort required.

The impervious nature of Dekton makes it even more resilient than granite. It’s superb at staying strong against footfall, meaning it’s another viable flooring choice. Or you could ensure both a hard-wearing and beautiful bathroom by opting for Sapien. It can cater to both traditional and modern styles.

If you’re worried about slippages in the bathroom, then select textured Lapitec stones. They produce a safe floor surface with their fantastic slip resistance.

2. Ensure walls attract attention

Lapitec allows for equally beautiful walls. There are a variety of colour choices, including the fossil-esque Ebano and desert-like Sahara. The earthy shade will stay as well, due to Lapitec’s colour stability. Tiles can get wet without issue as this stone offers a watertight finish, making them ideal for the shower area.

Or for eye-catching longevity, opt for Dekton. Their Industrial range, including Radium, offers a striking, moody look.

Ceralsio is another great option for walls and tiles. You need only look at Ocean Stone Textured to see how this stone can create an impressive focal point. Ceralsio is resistant to any wear and tear, as well as scratches. You can be confident that its pristine condition will stay for years to come.

3. Stun with your bathroom suite

Walls aren’t the only thing you’ll want to keep immaculate. You can make sure baths and basins aren’t affected by bleaches, cleaning products or personal hygiene items. Neolith is incredibly resilient against stains from chemicals.

It has a number of other benefits too. As well as stunning with its elegant appearance, it has a high breaking force. If you’re looking for a speedy installation, then this man-made stone will prove perfect.

For splashbacks, Laminam is ideal. This is because it doesn’t allow for mould or bacteria growth, which also means it’s a lot easier to maintain.

Contact RC Coppin for beautiful bathrooms

Every type of porcelain has its benefits, making it difficult to select the one to display in your home. The wide selection of colours and styles to choose from only makes the decision more tough.

Thankfully, RC Coppin can assist. We have over a century’s experience, making us the experts to turn to for your natural stone needs. We’ll provide a personal Account Manager too, so you’ll have a source of specialist advice every step of the way.

Contact us today to get started transforming your bathroom with porcelain.

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