Inject Some Colour Into Your Bathroom With Our Semi-Precious Stones

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A broad, neutral colour scheme may work wonders in your bathroom. Yet the embellishments are important too: statement pieces that stand out, spark the imagination, and add a necessary focal point. This is where semi-precious stones come into play.

Primarily, it’s about colour. But the glimmering surfaces are another reason to invest in semi-precious stones. You can quite easily make a bathroom into a palace. Here, we explain why these stones are so revered.

An unmissable colour palette

Technically, ‘semi-precious’ refers to the gemstone material – the same rocks are cut and polished for jewellery. In this context, however, they are refined and shaped for bathroom fixtures or wall visuals. Some of the most popular stones include quartzmalachite and petrified wood. They are coloured by the marks of their origin in the earth. You can get banded rings of two or three ink-like tones, a circular aesthetic, tens of thousands of glitter-like shards, or subtler shading effects.

When used as main elements, such visuals achieve a dazzling, weighty permanence in your bathroom. A sink, for example, becomes much more than a practical tool. It evolves into a style statement of its own, awash in vivid blues, greens, pinks or sunset oranges. Likewise, you could ring a bath with semi-precious stones and create a fantastic contrast to a white or black tub. Vanity mirrors have the same potential. That also goes for countertops, walls and shower cubicles. It’s about touching up neutrality with an eye-catching addition, so colours get to shine.  

A material that comes alive when illuminated

Furthermore, semi-precious stones are like any smaller gem cuts – they gleam in the light. This brings a luxurious, spotless appearance that makes the bathroom’s cleanliness more pronounced.  

Although the smaller details are marvellous up close, semi-precious stones are just as arresting when we step back from them, and see how the surfaces look with clever lighting distribution. Overhead and backlights can beam down and around them. You can pair semi-precious stones with wall-mounted lights too – at either side of your mirror, for instance. Either way, you’ll walk in and notice them instantly. Symmetry, space and even natural light can draw your stones into focus.

Where a quality stonemason comes in

To get the best fit for your bathroom, a stonemason is essential. Craftspeople like us are able to make a suitable cut in line with budget and expectations. But more pressingly, we know which stones are semi-precious and which are masquerading as such. With RC Coppin, you have assurance that a semi-precious feature is not only authentic, but also functions on a practical level.

Eager to see what your investment may look like? Contact a member of the team, and we’ll discuss the new face of your bathroom, dressed in the glittering quality of semi-precious stonework.

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