Natural Stone Sinks? A Solid Choice For Your Bathroom

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What do you need from a sink? Beauty? Stability? An easy-clean surface? That’s all achievable with natural stone, the material you should consider as a first choice for your bathroom.

From onyx to travertine, marble and granite, there’s a lot to love about stones cut with an experienced hand. We want to explain the strength and visual dynamism of a natural stone sink. Follow us for an introduction…

A smooth, sophisticated shape

Are you set on a particular sink style? Over the last few years, egg-shaped designs have gained a foothold in UK bathrooms. So have squarer sinks with rounded edges, fitting a minimalist or naturalised space. Stone is the perfect material for both trends.

A good cut helps the sink look as if it was always there. Instead of clamouring for attention, the sink is allowed to be natural and unpretentious. You can use more decorative stones around it – on a vanity unit, for example – or use sparse, muted colours for an air of calm.

Impeccable veining

That being said, some stones are more grandiose. Just look at a few of the big hitters in our bathroom range, such as Calacatta Statuario travertine or Orinoco Sensa granite. Their heavy veining is unlike anything else you’ll find in the world. Individual cuts of stone are unique. They’re formed under different weights and temperatures; aesthetically, it can make your sink stand out under strong lighting.

Such a look won’t diminish over time either. Because natural stone is so easy to clean and maintain – with almost total nonporosity for bathroom-ready stones – you don’t have to worry about staining or colour fading. Just make sure the stones have been sealed to prevent water damage.

Strong, stable and seamlessly integrated

A stonemason will trim your stone choice down to the dimensions best suited for your space. In essence, the sink will never be too big, small or intrusive. Fitted bathrooms require this level of care before you invest in the right design.

Your investment is also secured for life. Stone doesn’t chip easily when the cuts have been made. Materials like granite are some of the toughest known to mankind – heavy use isn’t an issue, which means everyday knocks and scrapes aren’t going to harm the sink. That being said, even some of the weaker natural stone options in terms of durability can be explored as sinks will face less stress than a kitchen splashback or countertop.

You may also want to think about porcelain and quartz – not quite 100% natural, but popular alternatives for UK bathrooms. We can advise on the use of any materials for your project. Speak to an RC Coppin stonemason to learn more. 

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