Dropping By Our Showroom: What To Expect

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RC Coppin know the value of putting our customers front and centre in everything we do. Great stonework needs an equally strong, conceptual basis for what we’re going to achieve together, teasing out your favourite styles.

That’s why the doors are always open at our showroom in Braintree, Essex. Curious about what you’ll experience here, in the company of cutting-edge stonemasons? Read on for a glimpse of what to expect from your visit.

Gorgeous interior blueprints

Many people have a vague idea of what they’re looking for, but don’t know how to achieve it, or whether the concept is even feasible. That’s fine – we’re used to explaining natural stone elements in bare, relatable terms, so you can source the colour, cut and physical features that’ll make you happy.

From a visual perspective, there’s a number of displays to inspire you, whether you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom project, or something a little more out of the ordinary. We’ll even show you images of past projects for more context. Subsequently, you’ll see how an idea was seeded, planned and implemented for a similar property.

A sounding board for your questions

How much will this cost? What are the timescales for reliable stonemasonry? To what extent do RC Coppin work alongside other project experts, like architects and construction teams…?

By taking a trip to our showroom, you can field any queries face-to-face, following a conversation down the avenue you’re keenest to explore. It’s crucial to have a good, firm understanding of the factors influencing your project, so there are no hitches in the plan when it launches.

Don’t worry; our patience never runs dry, and we’re more than ready to handle any questions you may have, from budgeting forecasts to spatial issues in the home or venue.

Separating one stone from the next

We’ve alluded to this already, but very few natural stones are completely alike. Onyx, quartz, marble and granite (amongst others) have distinct ‘personalities’.

They may have a different material composition, for instance, or a surface that is more resistant to heat or scratch marks. Their aesthetic properties are vast, even within a single stone type – you can easily go for a light, dark, mid-tone or shimmering look, depending on the decor it’s going to anchor. In short, there is a multitude of factors that make every stone subset different from another.

New to stonemasonry? Our experience, hewn over more than a century of family trade, cuts to the core of what makes a natural stone type unique. We’ll explain the characteristics, one by one, before you get closer to a decision.

RC Coppin have poured extensive effort into making our showroom a bright, welcoming and creative stonemasonry exhibit. Set aside an hour or two to swing by; all we ask is that you send us a message in advance, so we have the perfect expert waiting at the door…

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