Give Your Employees A Reason To Eat In: Apply Stone To Your Company Kitchen

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Perhaps you’ve styled your office space to make staff more productive, but have you considered the kitchen area? Often this is overlooked, leading staff to choose to work through any break times or venture outside the work environment – even if they’d prefer not to.

You can ensure you create a space your employees will appreciate and use by applying stone to your company kitchen. Here, we delve into the benefits this will deliver.


If you opt for the cheapest materials available, you won’t receive quality. And this will quickly cause damage to your furniture or fittings. Employees will be therefore deterred from using the space. They may even be concerned that they will bring about further harm by doing so.

Applying granite will avoid this. It’s an incredibly tough stone and so proves its value wherever you choose to display it. There’s no risk of damage being inflicted by general wear and tear to floors or any kitchen furniture.


The key resilience your stone should have is against any spills or everyday kitchen activities. Staff won’t need to use a coaster or any placemats with Lapitec. It’s non-porous, meaning any spills won’t seep through. You could use this for both furniture and the flooring alike.

Water spillages are likely one of the most common accidents in your office kitchen. Therefore, choose to take advantage of Lapitec’s resistance. Or opt for another type of porcelain: Ceralsio. This stone is highly resistant against stains. Granite is also a good option, as it’s impervious to heat. Any hot items can be placed on its surface without causing burn marks.


Stone’s resilience means it retains its aesthetically pleasing look. This is especially because stones like Stonethica are incredibly easy to clean. Staff won’t mind cleaning up after themselves if it doesn’t take long. And they won’t be deterred from eating in because of this consistently stunning appearance.

The premium look of stone is actually likely to tempt them into doing so – particularly as each piece is entirely unique. Every slab has its own distinctive veining, characteristics and colour gradations. Staff certainly won’t have seen a kitchen like yours elsewhere. On top of this, there is an almost endless assortment of stones and patterns to choose from.

Enticing staff to your company kitchen

With all these beneficial features of a natural stone company kitchen, you’ll want to be certain that staff know about them too. Therefore, communicate the luxury they’re being treated to, and they will instantly be intrigued.

You can ensure that employees are pleased upon entering the space by guaranteeing a smooth installation. This is where RC Coppin can assist.

We’ll not only assign you a personal Account Manager so you have a point of contact at every step, but advise on your choice too. We can help with deciding on the optimum stone, colour and pattern to perfectly suit the look of your company kitchen.Contact us today for an initial consultation, and we’ll get to work on drawing in staff to your lovingly created space.

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