How To Fit Natural Stone Into Your Office

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Natural stone is known for adding value to properties, but is more associated with the home or hospitality venues than a corporate environment. However, the look and feel of an office space is becoming increasingly important to employers and workers. For this reason, many designers are introducing luxury materials to these buildings.

There are plenty of ways in which stone can be incorporated into an office. At RC Coppin, we’ve seen it all. Here, we delve into how you can fit natural stone into your office design plans…


Every office space has some sort of kitchen area, and natural stone will increase its appeal. The material also keeps it in pristine condition. Granite is a particular favourite for kitchen worktops. Its high durability makes it the toughest natural stone available.

Resistant against stains and heat, granite will provide more than adequate protection in a busy work environment. Common issues like accidental spillages or team members placing hot cookware on the surface won’t be an issue.


This same durability can benefit the flooring of your kitchen space, toilets or other communal areas. Natural stone adds instant character to an office, which won’t be diminished over time due to footfall.

It retains heat too – there’s no need to cover it with carpet and you should see a reduction in your office’s energy bills. In fact, there are a number of great options for heat conduction, including travertine. What’s more, treated in the right way natural stone is low maintenance for cleaning.


You can complement the flooring with natural stone furniture and fittings. One of the most common choices is a kitchen or bathroom splashback. Stones like marble can be sealed to resist the effects of water, meaning the space will look elegant without issue.

Coffee tables and chairs for social spaces are another favourite, especially in meeting rooms and waiting areas. They will impress visitors in an instant with their stunning appearance, while standing up to wear and tear over time.


Natural stone’s protective qualities extend further than just inside. It can be used outside too, keeping your office exterior strong in the face of all weathers. The heat resistance of these materials means it will be even easier to insulate your office.

Displaying natural stone outside will give your premises an entirely unique appearance. This is because each slab is one-of-a-kind, with a distinctive veining, blemish and colour gradation. On top of this, there are a variety of patterns and styles to choose from.

Contact RC Coppin to add charm to your office

With so many ways to fit natural stone into your office, you’ll likely want to explore the options in detail when fitting out your commercial space. However, deciding how best to integrate it into your office design can be tough without the right support.

You can get help from RC Coppin. We’ll offer advice on every aspect of natural stone. You’ll be assigned a personal Account Manager so there is someone available to answer any questions you may have, taking the pressure off your project.

Contact us today for an initial consultation to begin the process of bringing natural stone into your office.

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