Transforming Your Office With Natural Stone

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Human beings make snap-like judgments based on how things look. We’re hard-wired like that – which is why perception is so highly regarded in the corporate world. An impressive office space, for example, hints strongly at success – and people always want to do business with a successful company.

When it comes to instilling that influential look of luxury, few materials are more adept than natural stone. Historic and modern all at once, stone is also extremely adaptable, meaning it can be sculpted to suit office surroundings perfectly.

There are multiple ways in which you can transform your work area with natural stone, and we take a look at some of the most effective solutions right here.

For your day-to-day tasks: Natural stone desks

You want your desk to command a presence, especially if you have your very own office away from the rest of the working crowd.

As the centrepiece of the room, your desk needs to suggest approachability and sophistication, functioning as both a work surface and alluring décor piece. Natural stone helps you achieve this unique blend.

A jet-black marble desktop is utterly unmissable, whilst travertine offers a less intense textural flavour but with a tougher exterior. Granite is also excellent for desks, refusing to succumb to scuffing and standing strong for years.

For the guests and lunch breaks: Natural stone communal furniture

You can bring rejuvenated elegance into the breakout room of your workplace by swapping out old, tired tables countertops and tables for vibrant natural stone surfaces instead.

There are multiple design paths to pursue here. The affordable, resilient granite is a fine choice for countertops – boasting an irresistible glimmer that can give your office breakout area a bit of edge. Quartz can also add a sense of refinement to an ordinarily uninspiring area of the workplace. The sleek top layer makes cleaning a breeze, too; letting you soak up spills in seconds for excellent hygiene.

For breakroom tables – go marble. This glossy, beautiful natural stone variant is guaranteed to wow clients who follow you to the kettle after accepting your drink offer. By decking out your communal areas, you keep customers impressed at every stage of the tour.

For the employee foot traffic: Natural stone flooring

Natural stone can also be used as a magnificent flooring solution, either in the working arena itself or as part of the bathroom.

Stone flooring is often warm in colour and tough in nature, creating a welcoming atmosphere that remains intact for a considerable amount of time. Swapping carpet for natural stone will also add value to your building as well as a strong sense of character, with cleaners finding the surfaces easy to maintain.

What’s more, if you’ve been looking into underfloor heating, most natural stone variants are excellent heat conductors – meaning you enjoy value for money.

Create something special for your office with RC Coppin

RC Coppin don’t push an assembly line’s worth of natural stone products under your nose and ask you to pick your favourite. We work alongside you to sculpt sublime pieces of office furniture that form an awe-inspiring environment and truly bring out the essence of your brand.

Get in touch on 01376 550 009 for more information on how we can completely transform your workspace. You can also leave us a message using our contact form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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