How To Pick The Perfect BBQ Worktop

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Hot weather simply calls for barbeques, every single summer. Your BBQ area will be used for years to come, so it needs a strong worktop. Choosing the wrong material can result in damage that cannot be easily wiped away, so you’ll need to opt for one that reduces this risk.

To avoid any potential harm, the material will need to possess certain resistances. We’ve listed the required properties below, and also provided guidance on the materials that will suit.

Heat resistance

Obviously, the purpose of barbeques is to be hot, but if you place the cooking grate or warming rack on any surfaces, they’ll need to be able to withstand the heat. Otherwise, burn marks will be forever ingrained into your beloved BBQ worktop. It can be difficult to avoid placing these hot items elsewhere when in the midst of cooking meat to perfection, so it’s best to utilise a material that’s heat resistant.

Stain resistance

Grease, meat fat, sauces, alcohol… the list of substances that could potentially stain an attractive BBQ worktop is endless. Since a barbeque is often a big, family affair with several friends in attendance, escaping this will prove difficult unless you cover your surfaces in napkins – completely defeating the purpose of purchasing such a stunning worktop. Therefore, opt for a material that can protect against staining.

Scratch resistance

Whether it’s the scraping of the BBQ grate, a wrongly positioned knife, or a dropped glass, there’s a range of items that could scratch your spectacular worktop. The only way to evade this is to take advantage of a material that will shield it from scratches of all varieties.

UV resistance

BBQ worktops are most commonly used when the sun is shining brightly, but there’s numerous materials that are just as susceptible to UV radiation as humans are. The material you buy will need to be UV resistant to protect against the sun’s rays and prevent fading.

Which material should you choose?

Ideally, you’d be able to use a material that is resistant to all these types of damage. Thankfully, there are two that meet the requirements: granite and porcelain.

With granite, hot items can be directly placed on it with no ill effects, and its water resistance averts stains from any fluids. The material has built-in scratch resistance and is easily wiped clean. It also comes in a vast range of magnificent colours, which will not fade due to its UV protection. Although granite creates a stunning natural look ideal for traditional style BBQs, it does require sealing every few years to shield it from frost.

If you’d prefer a material with precisely zero maintenance and a modern appearance, Dekton porcelain will serve you well. Your worktop will face no degradation due its protection against UV, and Dekton also offers the highest scratch resistance possible. You can clean it with whichever chemicals you wish thanks to its low porosity, and it also withstands both extremely hot and cold temperatures.

To find out more about these charming and durable materials, contact RC Coppin today. We’re experts in stone design, installation and restoration, so can set up or revive your BBQ worktop to perfection.

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