How To Use Natural Stone To Increase The Value Of Your Home

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Whether you’re looking to achieve a quick sale for a worthy price or a premium feel for your home, natural stone can help.

A range of natural stones are available to make your property pleasurable to both look at and be in. We’ve compiled a few of the best types.

Maintain flawless conditions with granite

With a built-in silicone-based sealer, this natural stone is ideal for kitchen worktops. Granite ensures resistance to all stains and heat, and is antibacterial too.

If you’re selling your home, the brand-new condition of the kitchen worktop will last beyond the viewing dates. A variety of patterns and colours are available too. A bespoke look that suits the rest of your home is easy to achieve.

Stay eco-friendly with Stonethica

Stonethica is a composition of recycled marble and other natural stones. This makes it a big selling point to potential, eco-conscious buyers. It requires minimum maintenance as well, minimising cleaning time between viewings.

Stonethica has a timeless appeal. And, because marble is breathable, it’s perfect for bathroom renovations.

Boost kerb appeal with travertine

Extreme weather conditions aren’t a problem for this natural stone. Travertine proves robust in all sorts of weathers.

If severe conditions do hit and leave behind damage, travertine is incredibly easy to replace. An assortment of colours and tones are on offer too, from the neutral Cross Cut to the complex Titanium Polished.Create a stunning stepping path with slate

Footfall on your flooring attracts all sorts of outside substances. But slate conceals dirt to keep it looking in top condition for longer. It’s waterproof and stain-resistant too. Slipping accidents and harmful spillages are kept to a minimum.

Slate keeps the heat in, making it ideal for warming a home in the colder months. You won’t have to do much to keep it pristine either; this natural stone is low maintenance.

Contact RC Coppin to increase your home’s value

Now you know how best to integrate natural stone, it’s decision time. You’ll need to take into account the colour and the type of stone, and decide which areas to renovate.

RC Coppin can give you all the assistance you require throughout the process. We’ll measure your space, and provide you with a range of slab samples to choose from. We’ll assign a personal Account Manager to you too, so you’ll have someone to discuss your vision with.

Contact us today for an initial consultation. We’ll have your home’s value boosted with natural stone in no time.

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