Choosing The Perfect Porcelain Flooring For Your Home

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Often overlooked, flooring truly ties a room together. It can make or break your living space, and therefore requires careful consideration and investment. This is why we recommend porcelain.

Porcelain can achieve a long-lasting image that is near waterproof. We’ve compiled our top six porcelain surfaces that could transform your home.


Through a blend of materials used in the latest glass and porcelain, Dekton is stain-proof. Even the most stubborn of marks, like wine and coffee spills, can be removed. With low porosity and no resins, it is chemically resistant too.

Where other surfaces will wear, Dekton’s finish ensures it lasts for the product’s entire lifespan. It even outperforms granite when it comes to strength in the face of abrasive materials.


Lapitec is non-porous and is perfect for flooring in wet environments. The large-format slabs mean less joints and therefore a more watertight finish. It can be used in all aspects of interior and exterior design.

We stock varieties that are also slip-resistant, creating a safer surface. The result is a beautiful floor with colour stability and zero porosity.


Thanks to its technical elements, Ceralsio is the most resistant surface available. Incredibly durable, it is best suited for flooring and cladding. It can withstand the effects of UV rays without any surface damage too.

Ceralsio is eco-friendly and innovative, making it a great talking point of the home. Its resistance to stains and lack of pores tailor it towards rooms where hygiene is paramount, such as bathrooms and kitchens.


Laminam is remarkably strong and has a high resistance to abrasion. It resists organic and inorganic solvents and detergents, meaning it can be cleaned without affecting its surface. Suitable for all indoor applications and produced using advanced methods, it is resistant to fire, mould and mildew, and the effect of UV rays.

Created with materials like quarry clays, granite rocks and ceramic pigments, Laminam is a material with an eco-focus that uses sustainable tools.


Neolith brings to life to a surface that is resistant to scratching. It can withstand high temperatures, chemicals and UV rays. It’s practically waterproof, too, due to a porosity level of 0.8%.

Resistant to chemical cleaning agents, your usual routine is made plain and simple. It uses sustainable, eco-friendly and recyclable products, and won’t emit toxic gases if exposed to extreme temperatures.


Unlike wood, laminate and quartz products, Sapien won’t burn in the event of a fire. This makes it an ideal addition for flooring near a heat source.

It’s level of scratch resistance is higher than any other products too. The veining in Sapien porcelain is particularly beautiful – lending its unique look to your home.

Which porcelain choice is best?

The surface best suited to you largely depends on the room. Renovating your bathroom? Lapitec and Neolith boast watertight protection. If you’re considering the kitchen, then Ceralsio is superior in terms of germ resistance and cleanliness.

Whether you want to use porcelain for the flooring of your kitchen, bathroom or any other space in the home, RC Coppin can assist. We’ll use our years of experience to determine the best option that matches both your needs and that of your interior.

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