Cullifords Guest Blog: 2021 Stone Surface Trends

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As we head into a new year, many homeowners will be thinking about their upcoming interior decorating plans. Although not an obvious first consideration for all, surface choices within the home play a key part in the overall scheme, creating a luxurious and personalised statement in any room.

We’ve teamed up with fine quality natural and man-made stone specialists Cullifords, to look at the stone surface trends set to emerge this year.

Dark & Daring Surfaces

There has been an increase in interiors utilising a dark and daring colour palette, with many homeowners opting for this bold aesthetic in the bedroom, bathroom and now in the kitchen.

Dark stone surfaces offer something elusive when it comes to design; a dramatic and eye-catching focal point that would create an impactful statement in any space. To add to the intrigue, many dark stones and surfaces have a deep base colour, which is often contrasted by ripples and patches of vibrant detailing that adds to their individual appeal.

Going Green

Green has seen resurgence in the home, with many shades of this refreshing hue taking centre stage – from forest, to emerald and even sage; green is the colour everyone is talking about.

For homeowners looking to experiment with bold colour, we would recommend opting for a stone which is predominantly green, this would make a striking feature wall or kitchen work surface when paired with neutral cabinetry.

However, for pared-back interior schemes wanting to capture the trend in a more subtle way, we would suggest looking for a paler surface with flecks or ripples of green – this will still add interest and depth but in an understated way.

Create a Spa-like Sanctuary

With many of us spending more time at home than usual, people are truly beginning to realise the importance of wellness. This has led to many homeowners rethinking their interior schemes – particularly in the bathroom to design spaces that enhance wellness and create a tranquil ambience.

Marble exudes luxury and is an ideal choice for the bathroom; with its clean white aesthetic and indulgent appeal it’s perfect for homeowners wanting to create a comforting spa-like interior.

A benefit to opting for a natural surface such as marble, is that every surface is different; completely unique with intricate veining and ripples that allow for a truly personal interior space.

There are so many varieties of natural and man-made stone available and with many more homeowners looking to experiment with surfaces, the possibilities are truly endless. We hope this post has inspired you to re-think your interior scheme.

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