Top Kitchen Trends For The New Season

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With the nights drawing in – and plenty of us staying at home for longer than usual – there’s even more reason to spruce up your kitchen. New, gorgeous trends are making their mark in 2020. Exploring them might just be a great move for your family and socialising space.

Here are a few of our favourite autumn/winter 2020 trends, together with our advice on how to use natural stone to complement them…

Double islands

With open-plan kitchens on the rise, there’s an increasing penchant for more than one island. You can reserve the first for a preparation or washing space, and the second for something else – like a dining area. A board, tray or support beam can cross between them. Or you can leave them separate. Double islands look amazing either way.

Veined Caesarstone countertops are bound to give the surface some visual texture. Just make sure you have enough room. Two islands can quickly become cumbersome if you don’t have a comfortable walkway between them.

Bold colour-blocking

By this, we mean blocks of colour that can truly pop in a neutral or dark-shaded kitchen. Think a sunset-yellow pantry drawer for a slate grey unit. A green washing machine door against white or beige. Perhaps a centrepiece with Classic Blue, Pantone’s Colour Of The Year 2020.

Natural stone can keep the tone even throughout these colourful splashes, so they’re never overwhelming. Check out Sensa granite to see what we mean. Black, white and muted grey shades are perfect for a counterbalance.

Cool-toned cabinets

As larger kitchen elements become bolder, cabinets are cooling down. Wooden designs are still popular, but they’re looking more washed-out and faded. It’s in line with the trend for a gentler, minimalist cabinet appearance.

Use this as a chance to lay down matching flooring. Stone tiles can extend the cabinet palette and tie it all together, while more unique features grab the limelight. Ask us about travertine tiling for your new kitchen project. We can pair cool shades together, or go for something more striking if you prefer.

Statement sinks

An interesting quirk has surfaced recently: the standout sink. No longer part of a seamless worktop aesthetic, they’re taking more of a centre-stage role in UK kitchen design. And natural stone is one of the best ways to define it from wood or laminate worktops.

Start by looking at various granites. Marble is more grandiose, but slightly easier to chip and stain, although Stonethica is a fantastic option with its almost patchwork-like effect. They can both be shaped to basins, squares or rectangles that jut out slightly from your counter. 

As we head towards the end of the year, decide how you want to represent yourself in the space that will always remain at the heart of the home. Looking for more inspiration? Our stonemasons can help. Call us for advice or further style ideas today.

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