Ways You Can Incorporate Granite Into Your Home

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Granite has an abundance of properties that could benefit your home. Besides its beautiful exterior, granite has the power to make your property look spotless and stay damage-free.

Additionally, this stone can add overall value to your house. Pre-1990s, granite was considered a luxury, unaffordable to the masses. Now, it lends wherever it is placed the same opulent feel, without the price tag.

Granite is a great material to work with, both technically and visually. It comes in an incredible range of shades and patterns, to slot in seamlessly with your colour scheme.

Here’s just a few areas of the home where you can incorporate granite.

Preserve kitchen worktops

Having granite worktops is a great way to safeguard your kitchen without ruining its aesthetic. Its natural scratch-resistant surface prevents damage occurring from objects like knives. Even major water spillages and boiling hot pans will not leave stains or warp the top.

Along with the sleek look a granite finish would provide, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing high-quality materials are protecting your home. Even if you don’t wish to treat your entire kitchen, using granite for an island can still make a statement.

Protect walls from splashes

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. Over time, this area may become tired-looking and worn down due to its constant use. A granite splashback is a good way to defend your kitchen walls, without ruining the décor.

Complete your kitchen to a high standard. Enhance the beauty of your granite countertop by adding a complementary splashback behind sinks and hobs.

Refresh an outdoor area

Make your garden look stylish and modern, without having to compromise on quality. Granite BBQ worktops are a perfect addition to your garden. Just like the kitchen worktops, granite’s heat- and water-resistance makes it ideal for use here.

With added perks, such as UV protection, you won’t have to worry about fading. Why not have it surround the grill or a pizza oven? Or maybe use it for an accompanying bar or sink area.

Fortify floors

Having granite flooring also creates a sense of elegance throughout your home. Whether you choose to bless your kitchen, bathroom or even hallway with pristine granite tiles, you’ll transform any space into a modern, luxurious environment.

You can also save on your energy bills by investing in granite flooring. With heating running under the tiles, you’ll be able to keep warm during the winter months – wherever you are in the house.

Where RC Coppin can help

RC Coppin are always here to help, and we’re passionate about this stone. Let us know what projects you are currently working on, and we will be able to advise you on what materials or placement would work best.

Get in touch with RC Coppin’s stonemasons today, and come back to a home you are proud of.

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