3 Reasons To Use Natural Stone For Your Sink

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A good stone sink must survive a lot of wear and use over the years. That’s why it needs a solid, reliable material base. Natural stone is often chosen over other alternatives (such as steel, copper and porcelain) for a beautiful, luxury fixture – one that weathers almost anything in your bathroom.

Here are three key benefits to a natural stone sink. We’re going to focus on onyx and marble, as they are the easiest to cut and shape to your liking.

  1. Versatility and a personal touch

It is tough to disregard the veined, unique contusions of a stone sink. Marble is formed from carbonate crystals exposed to heat and pressure in the earth. Onyx, meanwhile, has parallel ‘banding’ from intergrown silica, a principle compound for sandstone and other materials. You can find out more about both in our explainer videos. Each stone piece looks different. You have a shining statement room feature, with one-of-a-kind visuals that make your décor more distinguished.

Whether you go for black, beige, orange, pearl, green or any other colour, you can be assured of the superior aesthetic. It has the power to delight your guests, especially with a rounded bowl design. Equally though, you may want a smarter neutral appearance in the style of our Stonethica range.

  1. Backlight opportunities

Onyx is partially translucent. You can fit it with lights below or behind the sink, so it stands as a visual beacon within the room. The lighting effects bring small details into greater focus – every permutation stands out.

Providing the LEDs are installed well, modern stonemasons can make seamless additions so the sink is both beautiful and functional. With other, similarly glowing stone features, the bathroom has many more chances to impress. Combine or contrast dim or bright backlighting to foster a desired mood when it’s needed.

  1. Stain resistance

A sink will take all kinds of paste, soap and foam over the course of its life, as well as any dirt. None of those elements should mar the surface when you’re done. For this reason, marble and onyx are ideal: they’re resistant to staining if they’re maintained properly. Warm water and a suitable soap will be able to clean up any spills quickly and easily.

Sealant is vital, however. Remember to ask your stonemason for a full sealing treatment before installation. Marble, for instance, is one of the softer stones. It is more porous than granite or slate, and requires a sealing layer. You’ll be able to reseal it yourself when water stops beading on the surface.

Bathroom installations are something we take pride in. RC Coppin have decades’ experience in the selection, carving and placement of natural stone sinks. We match each cut to the desired feel of your bathroom, with attention paid to cost and the further value that will be added to your home or premises.

Speak to a member of the team for more details and ideas. A stone sink can last forever while giving you a visual impact that will never dilute in the years to come.

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