Want To Add Quality To Your Garden? Try Slate

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Slate is one of the most resilient types of natural stone available. Its tough qualities make it perfect for exteriors. There are a lot of ways you can make full use of its properties to create an attractive garden.

Here, we explore just a few ideas to add quality to your outdoor area.


One of slate’s main appeals is its magnetising appearance. Instantly drawing the eyes, the stone is perfect for complementing the beautiful greenery in your garden. There are a wide variety of choices in terms of colour and pattern. You’ll can opt for a slab that is traditional or contemporary, depending on the style of your exterior.

The colours include earthy Pedra Verde and sleek Duro Satin. Slate doesn’t only provide a unique look in contrast to foliage. The durability of the natural stone ensures it doesn’t buckle under the weight of any large plants.


Or why not see this resilience in action as an outdoor kitchen worktop? You can stack up appliances, dishes or utensils without issue. It’s highly resistant against stains too, meaning any spills won’t seep in.

Slate is low maintenance as well, allowing you to enjoy using the worktop with minimum effort. On top of this, the look of it will be retained because the natural stone’s properties make sure it doesn’t fade over time.

Patios and paving

Slate’s lack of colour deterioration makes it a perfect choice for patios too. The stone naturally conceals dirt, so it will have a pristine image no matter how many footprints it sees. This makes it ideal for creating a picturesque walkway that loops around your outside area.

If you have a pool, then slate is perfect for the pavers to step onto when exiting the water. This is because it’s slip resistant. Furthermore, the stone retains heat, allowing the garden to feel warmer even in the winter months.


The property of slate that benefits both patios and roofs alike is its UV resistance. When the British summer weather hits, slate doesn’t suffer any damage. In fact, it can serve all seasons. This means your roof won’t experience any harm from severe wind or storms.

Additionally, if you’re looking to sell, slate’s unique appearance greatly boosts its kerb appeal and can add unrivalled character. Even if you’re not looking to move anytime soon, slate can last a century or more with proper maintenance.

Contact RC Coppin to add quality with slate

With the natural stone’s vast array of benefits, it will instinctively feel like the right choice to display in your garden.

Deciding where best to exhibit it, however, might not come easily. RC Coppin is here to help.

Every step of the way, we’ll offer our expertise so you can get the most from your exterior. Contact us today for an initial consultation, and we’ll get to work enhancing your garden’s quality.

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