Why Should You Be Mad About Marble?

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Few materials have as many strong classical associations as marble – and for good reason. It is one of the most sought-after stones in the world. For both its construction properties and visual panache, few can compete with it. So we aren’t surprised you want to know more…

There are several great reasons to use this durable stone. Join us as we analyse them, before you invest in marble.  

The visual splendour can’t be ignored  

Chief amongst marble’s appeal is how good it looks when illuminated. The surface has a glistening quality. With overhead lights, or backlighting, there’s much potential to make it a showcase feature in your home. There are dark, bright and mid-tone colours available, which means you have as much adaptability as you’ll ever need.

The veining, too, is something to behold. Marble is formed in the earth by the intermingling of carbon crystals. The result speaks for itself. When a property requires a personal touch, marble brings it – you’ll never get another cut with the exact same veins and shimmer.  

Mosaics are a popular, modern way to help marble command the eye. Tiles can also be used as a welcome contrast to darker wooden cabinets and units.

It’ll last (almost) forever

The fact that numerous, ancient marble structures are still here isn’t a coincidence. Marble is one of the strongest natural elements you’ll find. Whether indoors or out, it weathers any extreme heat, cold or damp. You can place it anywhere – from bathrooms to just above a kitchen cooker – without fearing it will be damaged.

Scratches are another matter, though. We don’t recommend marble for food preparation surfaces for that reason. Keep them as a decorative aspect in the kitchen; not a practical aid. You should also find stone with a sealant that prevents dirt and grime build-up.

Heat is readily conducted

For heated floors, marble wins again – this time for convenience. The floor tiles have a decent grip when you’re walking over them. Yet, more impressively, underfloor panels will be really felt if the floor is being warmed. You can walk around the kitchen, living room or bathroom in your socks or bare feet. It makes a property so much more comfortable to live in.

However, remember that marble can be more porous than other natural or synthetic stones. Sealant is key to protecting it. That being said, underfloor heating can help any water dry before it becomes a problem. 

So, we’ve given a few hints at why marble is treasured around the world. What will you make of it? The creative license is yours at RC Coppin, where decades of experience back every marble cut. A dedicated Account Manager will guide you through any potential design, use or application. We’ll then get to work crafting a standout marble piece that will push the value of your home ever higher.

Speak to us for further details. Otherwise, browse our marble and Stonethica selection to see what’s possible.

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