What’s So Great About Slate?

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When renovating your interior or exterior, the list of materials on offer is vast. One that you may be continuously recommended is slate. A quick bit of research will give you a basic idea of how it looks, but there’s a whole host of things to consider when revamping with this stone.

Here, we’ve collated the features of slate and how best it can work within your project, so you can quickly discover what’s so great about slate.

Structurally sound

In terms of structural properties, slate is famous for its strong resistance. Stains won’t appear on this stone, even those from chemicals. It also defies fire – so if any flames come into contact with the material from cooking in the kitchen or a summer barbeque, slate’s resistance will ensure it is protected.

The stone is also waterproof, meaning spillages in bathrooms and kitchens won’t be a concern. It can easily withstand rainfall and frost, which is one of the reasons it’s often used for exteriors. Slate keeps the heat in too, so it’s perfect for adding a touch of warmth within interior areas.

Affordably maintainable

Slate isn’t one of those materials you’ll need to buy various specialist products for to keep it in good condition – it’s incredibly low maintenance. It conceals dirt well, so you won’t have to worry about using it outside, or constantly clearing up muddy footprints inside.

In the majority of cases, the costs of this stone come to an end after it has been installed. Slate’s heavy-duty properties mean it isn’t affected by weight being applied to it, and it’ll last the test of time – making it more than a worthwhile investment.

Aesthetically appealing

As a type of natural stone, slate gives your interior or exterior a completely authentic appearance. It’s sleek, textured look allows it to charm in both traditional and contemporary properties alike.

Slate also provides a vast array of colours to suit your needs. RC Coppin offers rich shades of verde ardesia, pedra verde, riven, honed, anticato and duro satin slate, all of which are guaranteed to stun. You need not worry about the material keeping its colour either, as it’s UV-resistant.

How best to integrate slate

As slate can be used in both exteriors and interiors, it has a wide range of applications. It’s incredibly popular for both cladding and roofing, with homeowners often not needing to renovate the latter due it to outlasting the time they live in the property.

In terms of interiors, many opt to use slate for bathroom and kitchen flooring – the non-slip and waterproof nature of the tiles means that any water droplets aren’t a worry. As well as this, slate can be used for kitchen worktops and other decorative items such as fireplace surrounds, windowsills and splashbacks.

Contact RC Coppin for a consultation

With the copious options of where to use slate, along with the natural stone’s offering of various colours, sizes and styles, deciding how best to incorporate it within your home or commercial project can feel overwhelming. RC Coppin can assist with your decision, providing insights built from our years of experience.

We’ll guide you through the entire process, and our specialism in slate installations for kitchens, bathrooms and external renovations means we can transform your interiors or exteriors swiftly, and to perfection.

Contact us today for an initial consultation, and we’ll work together to ensure that your ideas come to life.

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