What Exactly Are Semi-Precious Stones?

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Trying to determine the stones to use for your kitchen, bathroom or commercial project can be difficult, especially when you’re not entirely certain of all their attributes. One such material that many like the sound of, but are unsure of what it will bring to their interiors, is semi-precious stones.

To help you decide whether these will create your desired effect, here we explain exactly what semi-precious stones are, and detail their intricate attributes.

How they’re defined

Semi-precious stones are called a variety of names – when you hear the terms ‘gem’, ‘gemstone’, ‘jewel’ and ‘precious stone’, they can all be describing them. The latter is often confused with semi-precious stones due to their similar nature, both being a piece of mineral that’s refined and cut to create beautiful interiors and jewellery.

They’re also both classified as ‘precious’ because there’s a limited amount of them, but semi-precious stones aren’t currently considered as rare. The stones classified as precious varies as time goes on, so some could be promoted from semi-precious to precious in the future.

Types of semi-precious stones

Any gemstones not categorised as precious fall into the semi-precious type. There’s only four traditionally seen as the former (diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald), meaning there’s an abundance of the latter.

Garnet, peridot, amethyst, citrine, blue topaz and turquoise are just some of them. There are also many which aren’t actually made from stone but from organic materials instead, like amber, coral and pearl. The value given to each is significantly dependent on its colour, availability and quality.

How they’re used in renovation and construction

Semi-precious stones can be used for worktops, floors and basins. The slabs are made by cutting and setting the stones in a mosaic pattern, then binding them together via a special epoxy glue. They complement natural stones, adding dazzling accents with their (often transparent) properties.

They’re chosen largely because of the luxury and grandeur they express, as well as their varied functionality. They are highly durable, with heat and stain resistance built-in. Sealing isn’t necessary, and they are also extremely easy to clean.

The semi-precious stones that RC Coppin use are always authentic and traceable, meaning you can ensure your interior will be genuine. As experts in stone design, installation and restoration, we’ll collaborate with you to create a bespoke look that will make the most of the stones’ properties.

Contact us today for an initial consultation, and we’ll get to work on creating a charming interior with semi-precious stones.

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