Protecting Your Exterior In The Sun: Which Stone Is Best?

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Protecting Your Exterior In The Sun: Which Stone Is Best?

Protecting Your Exterior In The Sun: Which Stone Is Best?

When the sun is shining, outdoor events like garden parties or BBQs are a popular way to spend time with friends and family. But when your exterior’s not up to scratch, you might hesitate. One way to transform it into an area your neighbours will envy is by installing a stunning outside worktop.

With the sunshine can come damage, so it’s best to ensure you pick a stone with the right protective qualities. Here we explore the best stones for resisting potential deterioration in sunnier weather.


A worktop that loses its colour and charm due to fading is far from ideal. This can easily be solved with the impervious nature of Dekton to UV, repelling those sunrays away from your beautiful worktop. As well as this, it’s the most scratch-resistant stone you can find, which will prove invaluable as it sees a lot of action over the summer months.

Additionally, it’s easily able to tackle high temperatures, which is key when placing hot food trays or pots on its surface. Dekton has built-in protection from Thermal Shock, so extreme heat or cold won’t be an issue – making it perfect for outdoor use.


Along with defying the sunshine by being UV-resistant, Ceralsio is strong against the heat. It also withstands the usual wear and tear that most materials are subject to, using its resistant characteristics to ensure its kept in top condition year-round.

Spillages can’t be avoided, especially when there’s a lot of guests at a summer party. Any stains can completely ruin the look of your worktop, but Ceralsio’s stain resistance means that products like solvents, detergents, bleach, oil, vinegar and citrus juice can be cleared up without leaving a mark.

Lundhs Real Stone

You could say that Lundhs Real Stone has it all – it can be exposed to sunlight without negative effects, endure the heat from pots and pans placed directly on it, and is also incredibly water-resistant.

It’s been proven to have close to zero absorption, so water and other fluids won’t permeate through. This means stains from water are prevented, along with those from tea, coffee, oil, wine and citrus fruits. It’s also incredibly easy to clean – all that’s needed to maintain it is a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

Fit out your exterior with RC Coppin

Whether you want to use one of these stones for an outdoor worktop or another part of your exterior, RC Coppin can assist. We’ll use our years of experience to determine the best stone to match both your needs and that of your exterior.

We are with you every step of the way – from presenting you with a range of suitable slabs and providing answers to any questions you may have, right the way through to installation. Our rich history in stonemasonry allows us to report on every little detail, including the finish and edge information for the stone you’re considering.

Contact us today for an initial consultation, and we’ll collaborate with you to ensure your exterior is protected throughout the summer months and beyond.