Top 5 Features Guests Need In Their Hotel En-Suite

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Personal bathrooms are par for the course in hotels and B&Bs. But to really make your room stand out, it’s worth going the extra mile to offer a little luxury.

Guests will appreciate more comfort, style and convenience – and they’ll pay more for it too. You may even generate repeat visits.

So, what can you do to make your en-suites irresistible? Here are five top features that any hotel business can add:

1. A heated towel rail

Cold days can turn a bath, shave or shower into an endurance test – not a relaxing spot of me time. Heated towel rails are a simple yet reliable way to make guests feel good in autumn or winter. You can buy a sleek black or chrome rail for around £70. Larger rails – closer to £150 or more – are perfect for family rooms. An average size will suit a double room.

2. A walk-in shower

With a walk-in shower, you not only offer an easy way for guests to wash in the morning. You also make upkeep and maintenance easier for your staff. These showers are harder to break and far quicker to clean. You can add a secondary, standalone bath to higher-end rooms for those that request one.

3. LED bathroom mirrors

They may seem extravagant, but you can actually buy an LED mirror for £100-£200. Instead of a large main light or several overhead bulbs, LED lights frame the entire mirror for a more even glow. It’s less intense, and will add a touch of opulence to your bathrooms – perfect for website or social media photos.

4. Natural stone

No other material lends wall-to-floor luxury quite like natural stone. It’s ideal for bathrooms because it’s resistant to water, stains and mildew, providing you stay on top of aftercare. What’s more, a gleaming surface complements bright lighting – the best choice for showing off the stone’s unique veining, as well as how clean the room is. None of this has to break your budget either. Natural stone tiles, sinks, bathtubs and vanity units can still create a sumptuous aesthetic when used alone.

5. Underfloor heating

Natural stone is an excellent heat conductor. For an en-suite that no one can resist, add underfloor electric mats or panels, encouraging people to spend more time in your bathroom. Slate, granite and limestone can be cut into tiles and laid above a fibre mesh, which is linked to a mains supply. However, as the stone retains heat, your energy bill will stay relatively low.

We’ve carried out countless en-suite projects over the years. You can find some of our favourites here. In each, stone has more than proven itself as the perfect solution for any hotel, giving your bathrooms a sense of freshness and escapism.

Explore your own options by speaking to the RC Coppin team. Whatever your style, scale or price range, we’ll recommend the right stone for you.

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