Stairways To Heaven: How To Design And Incorporate Their Dream Staircase

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In many homes, stairs are the centrepiece. For architects, it’s often a chance to make a statement with design and draw many elements of the home together.

Yet they can also pose a challenge. There are many things to consider when remodelling a staircase or building one from scratch. No matter how beautiful and striking you want it to be, the layout and overall safety of the structure is paramount.

This is where your choice of materials comes in. From wood and glass to stone and metal, make sure you give your client a wide selection to choose from. Below, we have explored the range of stones that will complement your next project, whatever the style.


Marble is a timeless classic that has added a sense of affluence to buildings for centuries. Now you can incorporate it into your project with ease through a staircase.

A stone staircase not only adds value to the home, but also creates a feature out of the heart of the property. Marble also has sought-after characteristics that make it superior to wood and carpet. Its durability means the owners won’t have to replace the staircase anytime soon, and its low porosity ensures it won’t harbour harmful bacteria.

White quartz

White quartz is another stone that not only looks the part but also has desirable properties that will make the home safer. Along with its durability, quartz has a good grip to avoid slips and falls. Its stain- and scratch-resistant qualities also make it a perfect material for larger households and those with children.

Additionally, quartz also comes in a range of colours. Although white is a classic choice, if you want to add a bit more colour to the home, make sure to explore the entire range.


When you think of luxury materials, granite should be on the top of your list. The intricate details and unique designs of this stone deserve a place in any home. The sheer scale of options available will allow you to find your perfect match – whether you’re sympathetically remodelling a Victorian property or planning a more minimalist structure.

Just like marble and quartz, granite’s properties are second to none. It is hard enough to take significant weight, and the fact that it can stand up to scratches protects your stairs from everyday wear and tear.

When incorporating a new staircase, you will want to see what is realistically possible for your particular project. From spiral designs to floating steps, you have to consider the safety aspects of the staircase – not just the appeal. This is where we can help. If you need any advice on how to create your client’s dream staircase, contact us today on 01376 550 009 or fill out our contact form today. We’d be happy to book a design visit.

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