Show Off Your Spa In Style With Sleek, Natural-Looking Stone

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Natural-looking stone features will undoubtedly give your spa guests something to talk about. And with health and safety at the centre of everyone’s minds, they can help you ensure that you’re keeping your premises spotless too.

So how do you create a sleek interior? One that seamlessly integrates with your spa, without compromising on cleanliness? Join us as we reveal all…


Having a stone sauna will create a safe environment for your guests by protecting them from bacteria and mildew. Yet it will also add an element of grandeur that would complete any guest’s spa experience.

Amongst our collection, you’ll find the perfect material to complement your cedar or poplar wood seating. With a variety of stones to choose from, you’ll be able to create a modern space for your guests to relax in. That much-needed detox will be more enjoyable than ever.

Relaxation rooms

Then, create a palace-like room for patrons to cool off and get some quality resting time. With stone flooring and columns, an Athens-inspired paradise can be accomplished with minimal effort.

Intricate designs embedded into stones such as marble and quartz will give any business an instant dose of class. Rich colours, too, can contribute to a unique space that’ll distinguish you from the rest.


Stones such as treated porcelain not only look the part, but have a variety of applications. Natural-looking, textured stones are perfect for the poolside, and can even be used for the surrounds to Jacuzzis and hot tubs, as well as the adjacent wet rooms. Their durability, along with their non-porous properties, make them an ideal material for these damp spaces.

You can also create seating areas and lounge chairs from the same stone to keep your theme consistent. And if they are looked after properly, you won’t have to replace them after a few busy seasons, saving you a small fortune in the long run.

Therapy suites and changing areas

These easy-clean materials are an asset to almost every room, but even more so in areas with high footfall or where treatments take place.

With stone’s resistance to dirt and harmful mould, you’ll be able to keep guests safer than ever as they get changed or enjoy your therapy services. All that’s required is the use of a specialised stone detergent and mop between visits.

If you need help deciding which stone will work for you and your business, contact us today. We can arrange a free design visit. You can also check out our site for more ideas and inspiration.

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