What Natural Stone Can Do For Your Beer Garden

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With the summer in high spirits at last, a beer garden can really flourish. But whilst lighting and entertainment are a must, you should also consider the impact of a new material. Natural stone can be the secret weapon in your revitalised outdoor social space design.

Planning, of course, needs to be set in stone too. You should understand exactly why and how this material can be used before you invest.

So, here, we’re exploring the use of stone in this great British institution. If you get it right, then customers will flock to your venue like never before…

Stone seating around a fire pit

Even in summer, a fire pit can still leave a stunning impression. Host a night for acoustic music or roasted meat under starlight. To complement the aesthetic, circle it with stone seating. The two surfaces will work wonders together.

It’s a timeless appearance that can fit almost any decorations, theme or capacity. And just like the fire pit itself, stone seating can be used all year round.

Statement paving

Are you fortunate enough to have a water fountain? Perhaps a small, green garden, or a corner reserved for potted plants?

Explore stone paving that leads people around the features you’re most proud of. It can make even a small space seem ‘authentic’ with rustic, natural-looking stone. The contrast to grass or wooden decking can make you beer garden more memorable.

Thick stone benches

Two things should dictate your seating for large groups: stability, and withstanding spills from glasses and pitchers. Some stones are perfect for this. Granite and Ceralsio (with the right sealant) remain non-porous for many decades. They’re highly resistant to scratches and stains.

An experienced stonemason can cut these stones into benches that don’t require much upkeep at all. You can design it to specifications that best fit the area.

Quirky wall displays

Beer gardens with a stone or brick wall could use some semi-precious stones to achieve more grandeur. This isn’t to say it’s overdone. A small sprinkling of blue agate, malachite or petrified wood will be unexpected and add a dash of colour to otherwise plain surroundings.

On the other hand, you could compose larger, square-cut blocks of granite or limestone for a similar effect. It suits pubs that try to emulate a country house.

As ever, RC Coppin are well-placed to advise and deliver the exact cut you need for any of these concepts, or anything else that may take your interest. We’ve worked with countless venues to make their beer gardens feel like a piece of art. The results are often breathtaking.

Contact us for a consultation, or to ask what we can achieve for your pub, bar or restaurant.

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