5 Benefits Of Natural Stone Floors

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You may have considered a stone floor before, but why are they so useful? Before investing, you should know the perks and complements at play when natural stone is underfoot. From heat resistance to endurance and many other qualities, your home stands to gain a lot from a stone floor.

We have assembled five core reasons why natural stone flooring is exactly what you may be looking for…

1. A high-end appearance

Chief amongst the benefits of a natural stone floor is, simply, how it looks. Materials such as marble and granite have been used for thousands of years, lending your home or venue a classical, yet unpretentious edge. The colours are astounding. You can go for a veined tile with bright bursts of blue, green and orange, or opt for a more neutral shade. It’s down to you. The beauty lies in the choice, and the knowledge that whatever you choose, the luxurious look is assured.

2. Fantastic heat resistance

Placing a natural stone such as quartz, travertine or granite near a fireplace won’t leave any damage. Similarly, you can pave a floor beneath heaters and intense lighting without fearing it’ll warp or scar over time. This flooring style survives any household heat you can throw at it. Investments are preserved in the bathroom, or beneath kitchen ovens. The tiles will look as good as ever, providing they are maintained with regular sealants and cleaners.

3. Near-impregnability

Equally, you won’t be able to chip or mark many types of natural stone. Granite and limestone can stand up against heavy objects, for instance. You don’t have to worry about indents from wardrobes, chests of drawers, bathtubs, kitchen units and falling pans. You’ll gain a floor that can deal with almost any physical threat, so repairs are minimal if they ever happen at all. Stone flooring is therefore cheaper in the long run, justifying the higher upfront price.

4. A perfect partner for underfloor heating

We’ve mentioned resistance to heat on the surface, but stone is a conductor – you can set up an electrical heating system beneath it and have a reliable source of warmth for cold days and nights. This is especially useful in bathrooms, as it also dries out any moisture from your shower, bath or sink routines.    

5. Value is added to the home

The final advantage is a greater asking price when you do sell up. Properties with bespoke stone features are generally worth more than those with none. Thanks to their naturalised aesthetic, stone can pair up with almost any décor taste, leaving it in a strong position for the next homeowner to make their own. With a single investment, then, you can add many thousands of pounds onto the home value.

For firm footing when it comes to natural stone tiling, speak to a member of RC Coppin: we have close to a century of experience in cutting, shaping and laying stonework. Whether that’s for a bathroom, kitchen, hallway or any conceivable space, let’s build a plan together.

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