A New Way To See Grey: 5 Stunning Stone Ideas

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Forget what you think you know about shades of grey. It isn’t the bland colour some may assume it is. Quite the opposite – today, with stone ascending in popularity, grey offers a lot more variety and artistic weight.

Slate or plain grey granite can still look amazing. But there’s so much else to consider too.

Don’t believe us? We would like to highlight the potential of a grey colour scheme in your home or venue. Here are five examples of grey-toned stones that make a statement.

1. Carrara Mix

Stonethica counters are easy to spot – they have an uneven brick-like composition, made of recycled marble and waste materials that emphasise clean lines. This means you can balance several colours against each other.

Take the Carrara Mix: a blend of greys and whites in several degrees of depth. By differentiating the darkness and width of each element, it stays interesting, even when you’ve walked into the same room a hundred times.

2. Alpina White

Contrary to the name, grey is the basis for this quartz stone, ideal for worktops and counters. The spotted finish is subtle, light and easy on the eye.

As it is Silestone quartz, you’re guaranteed almost zero liquid absorption. Alpina White is therefore a firm choice for bathroom tiles too, making it easier to maintain a spotless appearance.

3. Lava

Imitate a gentle wave effect in the kitchen or bathroom for a soothing look. We suggest Lava porcelain – part of the Neolith range.

The official description likens it to ‘solidified magma’, but we also think it resembles a beach shoreline or the surface of a lake. In grey, you get a monochrome look, almost like these images have been taken with an old camera.

4. Riven

We can’t forget slate. The search for greys will bring you to this material time and again, and it’s perfect if you want a rugged, unvarnished appearance. Few variations achieve that better than Riven slate, with a creased surface that gives your space more gravity.

The depth of colour will stand out even against other greyness; choosing it for a statement wall or shower cubicle will stick it in the mind long after you’ve towelled down.      

5. Tundra

A winter mood, far from making a property feel cold, can actually make a space cosier. There’s something about the impression of snow – its stillness, the crunch we can’t help but imagine under our feet – that keeps the Scandi theme strong in UK décor.

If we return to quartz, you’ll find a dusting of light grey on the Tundra stone, which pairs beautifully with whites and perhaps a streak of black for drama. You can almost compare it to a view of snowy mountains in the distance.

Grey can be full of personality. Your own tastes can bring something totally new out of it; we can’t wait to see what you’ll do with any of the stones in our collection. Speak to an expert stonemason from RC Coppin today for any kitchen, bathroom or home design plans.

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