The Biggest Splashback Trends Of 2019 So Far

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Cleanliness is essential to any kitchen. But it is tough to uphold without a splashback for hobs, sinks and food prep areas.

In 2019, we’re seeing an ever-richer array of colours, designs and materials on the market for kitchen splashbacks. They can be decorative. They can also slip seamlessly into the kitchen at large, or provide an extra spark for any lighting.

We want to detail a few stone favourites this year, along with other styles worth considering.   

Diamond slate

White and dark grey contrasts are never far from the minimalist playbook. The great thing about slate is how unassuming it is – you can pair it with beige, white or cream interiors for a sense of gravity without too much force.

Slate tiles cut into a diamond shape look smart and stately. You may want to have the uniform grey or black give way to green or oxidised-looking flecks of orange, modernising the industrial tone.

Coloured-veined marble

Gold and copper fixtures and fittings have been part of the design conversation for the last several years. As a result, blue-, green- and purple-tinted stones are coming back into fashion, along with ice white, to make them less intense.

Marble is a fantastic choice. Our Atlantic Sky Blue and Lilac Milas stones are just a couple of examples of a classical effect you can achieve with your splashback. Every veining style is unique too, adding individuality to the kitchen.

Printed glass

This is a relatively new trend. Printed patterns can draw from Moroccan culture or Chinese, Korean and Arabic symbology. On a thick glass plate, they can make a splashback stand out as soon as you walk through the door.

There is a danger, however, of crossing into tweeness. So ensure you use pale wood effects for the counters and shelves. Steer clear of the stark contrast that high-gloss surfaces would create too.

Penny porcelain

Visited a local café or day bar recently? You will have probably seen penny tiles. They’re an increasing presence in London and other major cities, creating a chic appearance.

Penny tiles are small, circular, and let the eye wander. We recommend porcelain for this, such as the Neolith range. Porcelain has an easy-clean quality that makes wiping down after cooking less difficult.

Black, cream & grey quartz

Monochrome kitchens are very popular right now. And quartz represents one of the most versatile, all-rounder stones for beauty and durability. Explore some of RC Coppin’s selection to discover those that will suit your space.

Dark veining can sparkle under overhead lights. White can be used to complement the surroundings. A kitchen is best when it isn’t trying too hard to impress – a monochrome splashback provides the ultimate laid-back look.

We have more advice and style options if you’re interested in natural stone. With more than a century of experience, and serving countless kitchens each year, we’ve seen many trends come and go. Speak to a member of the team and tell us what you’re hoping to accomplish.

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