A Guide To Restoring And Preserving Your Stonework

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Even natural stone may not last forever – at least, not exactly as you know it. Materials such as granite, quartz and marble can withstand a lot, but they’re still susceptible to staining and chipping over time. For this reason, you must look ahead to preserving new natural stonework, or even restoring your existing pieces.

Explaining the value of this process – as well as the experience necessary for a smooth, reliable job – is worth your time. So let’s get down to why it matters, and the signs of a good stonemason…

The dangers you may face

As we have said, natural stone is (for the most part) incredibly durable. Scrapes and scratches are less common than they would be on wood or laminate. However, they can suffer damage.

Marble and onyx, for example, are classed as ‘soft’ stones. They’re more prone to physical marks than some of their contemporaries. You still need to exert a decent amount of force, but that’s possible in the kitchen or anywhere heavy objects are frequently used.

In this way, chipping can occur over time. Other deterioration can include:

  • Staining, as a variety of stones have porous surfaces that can trap liquid and powders.
  • Discolouration, which afflicts stones with a high iron content (such as granite) that gradually oxidises. This has a rust-like effect on the look of the material.
  • Etching from acidic cleaning products.
  • Slow decay from algae and lichen, although this is only prevalent for outdoor stone features. Acidic rain is another elemental issue that can affect churches, arches, historic walls and the like.

Why a restoration expert is vital

Before any of these factors leave their effects on your natural stonework, find a good stonemason. With the right preservation techniques, your investment can continue to look amazing, perform as it should, and add value to your property.

An expert can seal the surface so no grit, oxidants or acids leave an impression. It’s a periodic responsibility. Sealants – usually those with a water acrylic base – are applied several times a year. They prevent not only physical damage, but also discolouration from UV light.

Furthermore, good stonemasons apply their craft to large, historic stone constructs. Mortar is mixed to reinforce certain parts of the structure, whilst indenting removes one piece of stone and replaces it with another, newer block.

How to spot a reliable maintenance professional

For almost a hundred years, stonemasonry has been running through the blood of our family. That means RC Coppin is a name you can trust. Quality stone repair and preservation is what we do best. Aside from delivering fresh cuts, we can treat any natural stone project to the desired standard.

The length, breadth and depth of our experience is the main sign you’re getting a great service. But we can also advise on anything you want to discuss over the phone or via email. From kitchens and bathrooms to commercial assignments, tell us what you have in mind. Then we can plot the best route to completion.

Natural stone should last as close to forever as we’re able to achieve. That is at the heart of our business. We’re proud of our commitment to not just immediate restoration, but also ongoing stone preservation.

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