5 Natural-Looking Stones Perfect For Outdoor Kitchens

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We’re all currently eating out less and making the most of our own spaces. And patio kitchens are increasing in popularity as a result. It’s a relatively new trend in the UK, but you may want to convert a space in your own garden, and raise your outdoor dining credentials.

These kitchens can hold anything you’d rely on indoors – including grills, hobs and cutlery drawers – or just be built for a BBQ or pizza oven. The difference is, you’re making guests feel at home without dashing between them and any cooking duties.

Natural-looking stone is the essential basis for your outdoor kitchen area. And we’ve chosen five of the most suitable materials here to get you started.

1. Granite

Ideally, you should use materials that can survive intense heat or extreme frost throughout the year. That’s why granite should never be far from any outdoor kitchen plans. It’s one of the most durable and versatile stones, withstanding a lot of moisture over the wetter and colder months. Additionally, it’s very resistant to stains. Explore our granite stones here for tiling and the more practical aspects of your cooking space.

2. Slate

Like granite, slate has extraordinary strength and resilience. It can also tolerate high temperatures, making it a fantastic choice for kitchen worktops. What’s more, slate is easy to cut and shape to practically any surrounding you have in mind. While it forgoes some of the attractive qualities you’ll see in other stones, it makes for a great, hard-wearing material that’s still dramatic when paired with the right light and dark tones elsewhere in your space.

3. Travertine

As part of the limestone family, travertine is slightly more mutable than the stones we’ve mentioned so far. So, try and keep it out of the sun and away from extremely heavy loads. However, it is a beautiful, budget-friendly addition to your outdoor kitchen. You get the immaculate sheen and veining of marble for a fraction of the price. Plus, you can apply regular sealant, making travertine fit for countertops, bar tops and islands.

4. Caesarstone

This is a type of quartz, known for its supreme adaptability while remaining one of the toughest stones in your arsenal. Outdoor kitchens, after all, can take almost any form you desire. Caesarstone is 93% natural – the rest is made up of pigments and polymer resins, allowing for ultra-flexible shapes, cuts and compositions. Speak with an experienced stonemason to see what’s possible for your space, even if it’s small or adjacent to other features.

5. Onyx

Thinking of getting a BBQ set or a splashback for frying? Look at a range of onyx stones to find the perfect finish to your kitchen space. Black is an excellent suggestion if you want to play off muted greys or lighter coloured materials. You can find veined stones as well to enhance the visual effect. Just remember that it can scratch easily – you don’t want to use onyx for your preparation areas.

Still stuck for ideas? Let us help you choose the best option, designed to suit any social and dining demands. RC Coppin bring over a century’s worth of stonemasonry experience to your outdoor kitchen project. We’re helping more homes across the UK discover their own potential for eating, drinking and entertaining in a wholly unique way. Speak to the team to launch your conversion too.

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