The Luxurious Stone Features That Are Perfect For Your Home

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Natural stone has a captivating presence. But not everyone can afford to use it throughout the home.

Perhaps you’d prefer to focus on one or two major features – a breath-taking element that’s a little lighter on your budget. There’s still so much to explore when it comes to statement pieces.

Whether you’re looking at incorporating stone into a bathroom, kitchen or communal area, read our rundown here for inspiration. As expert stonemasons, we’ve seen the following come to life in so many creative ways…


Stone baths are strong, sturdy, and carry an irrepressible visual allure. You may want a rectangular cut to fit in the corner, or an ovular design for comfort and a sleeker appearance. Either is achievable. But a natural stone bath does so much more than simply look good. You’ll retain plenty of heat for long, languorous evenings in the water, and it’s easy to clean afterwards too.

Walk-in shower

Nothing quite beats stepping into a shower that gives you the freedom to stand, reach and move around. With just a specialised floor mat, faucet, glass screen and stone covering on two wall sections, you’ll have a hygienic, minimalist space for getting ready or cooling off. Our stonemasons can advise on what material works best, or how to take things a step further and turn your entire space into a wetroom. Browse our bathroom guides for more information.

Dining table

It might sound daunting, but a stone dining table doesn’t have to be especially huge or hefty. Modern designs often feature cuts that are a few inches thick, supported by cross-wooden legs. Of course, you can choose stone supports instead, such as U-shaped legs that can bear any weight you’ll place upon them and yet remain refined and unobtrusive. On the other hand, you might choose a single column in the centre with a flat, square base. Stone dining tables add a timeless quality to your home, not to mention physical dependability.

Kitchen island

This space should always be warm and inviting. But equally, it must stay practical – whether people are cooking, drinking, or socialising together. Whilst natural stone is excellent for worktops, you might want to use it as a topper for your kitchen island too. A glossy, veined slab is bound to hold the room’s aesthetic together. Try and pick a colour that reflects the counters, shelves, skirting and kitchen units. Then offset it with darker colours for the floor and cupboards.

Coffee table

Even small additions to your living room are worth the investment, because they can do so much with so little. And stone designs can also be incredibly inventive. A stonemason can craft an angular base for a glass-topped coffee table, a veined cut designed to sit on dark metal legs beneath, even a standalone sculptural slab – to name just a few possibilities.

We want to help you shape natural stone to your property and budget. It all starts with a phone call. RC Coppin have leading experts at the ready to answer your questions, scope out the project, and provide a few options for a sumptuous addition to your home. Chat to the team today, or leave us a message so we can call back whenever suits you.

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