Our Top Tips To Bring Life Back Into Your Salon

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If you’re the owner of a salon, time away from the shop floor may have given you renewed energy. You might be thinking of treating your premises to a re-style of its own.

We want your return to work to be the best possible experience. So here are our tips for revamping with stone, the ultimate in style and substance.

1. Prioritise hygiene

Keeping ourselves and our working environments sanitised is the order of the day. Thankfully, stone is an ideal material to use on or around your key salon surfaces – such as workstations, basins, the reception area, and your flooring throughout. That’s because many stones possess high durability and have a non-porous nature.

Yet granites, marbles and quartzes (like Silestone) not only do a job practically – they look great too. They can be a cost-effective way to bring a timeless and stylish appearance to your salon for years to come. Plus, as they can withstand serious ‘wiping down’ and are heat- and stain-resistant, they’re a hairdresser’s dream.

2. Use design to enhance social distancing

There are two reasons to design your salon to be as light and airy as possible. The first is obvious: to keep in line with social distancing guidelines and ensure every customer feels safe. The more comfortable the salon experience for your client, the longer they remain loyal. The second is design-based. You can have fun playing with colours to add depth and dimension to any size salon.

To maximise the feeling of space, go as light as possible on the walls, ceilings and floors. Different shades of white, light cream and grey stones make rooms look washed-out, and feel bright and clean. You can use black and white stone together to great effect too. As floor or wall tiles laid in diagonal or vertical lines, for example, they can widen or elongate your space.

3. Create a feeling of luxury

Neolith porcelain (Arena and Basalt Beige are two great light shades) is perfect for countertops and flooring due to its ability to cope with high heats, chemicals and UV glare, whilst maintaining a luxurious aesthetic.

Onyx additionally looks incredibly striking when used to frame areas containing large mirrors, splashbacks or even staircases, adding a touch of glamour and decadence. If you’ve chosen to go monochrome or really light and bright with your interior design, onyx can introduce warm, complementary colours to smaller spaces. This stone comes in a variety of beautiful shades like pink, yellow and orange.

4. Make a memorable first impression

Your lobby area and reception desk need to ‘wow’ guests. This is where initial impressions are made, after all. For returning clients, it’ll be the first sign that your salon has been refreshed. For potential customers, it’ll be the encouragement they need to book and get excited about your services.

This space is also an opportunity to show off your personality. It may be that you’ve had time to think during closure about how you want your brand to portray itself. Whether you’re promoting a sense of cleanliness, or conveying a luxurious or highly modern feel, stone is the material of choice. Neolith is a great option for impeccable flooring. Nothing says indulgence like marble. And Dekton’s rugged charm brings the urban into any space.

Can’t resist the creative urge to future-proof your premises for the ‘new normal’? Or simply looking to refresh a tired area? RC Coppin can help. Book an appointment to see a member of our team today. We’ll take you around our showroom and discuss ways to breathe new life into your salon.

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