5 Must-Have Summer Poolside Accessories

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There’s something incredibly relaxing about slipping into a body of water and losing yourself for an hour. Pools are an escape from dry land and all the stress that comes with it.

So why not reshape the surrounding pool area into an image of bliss? Natural stone is a prime candidate. It’s beautiful, sturdy, and helps to prevent people slipping while poolside. Along with its other features, stone can create a whole new look for your private or commercial space.

Let’s dive into five additions that will make a splash this summer and beyond.

1. Coping stones

The pool’s edge should be a point of pride. It’s like finding the perfect frame for a painting, making the pool itself more of a focal point. For that, we suggest natural coping stones – the raised level you use to pull yourself up out of the water. Limestone (like travertine) or slate are popular choices because they’re very durable and stand up to a lot of sun exposure without their colours dulling. Go for a darker or lighter shade to the surrounding pool tile; your coping should stand out, even slightly.

2. A tanning ledge

A tanning ledge is an especially shallow area of the pool. Of course, this means you’ll have to convert what you’ve already built if you aren’t doing it from scratch. But a tanning ledge is worth the effort. You or your guests can relax on the raised shelf, which functions like a step propping you on the water’s surface. Open, enclosed or sloping ledges have their own distinct styles. Our elite stones are an ideal choice for this project, and can help to separate the area from the rest of the space.

3. A fire pit

Outdoor pools can become so much more with a fire pit off to one side – either built-in, looping from the poolside stone, or as their own raised feature by your seating. It’s perfect for social gatherings too. While it’s surely going to be a beautiful addition, stay safe. Don’t use materials that hold water like river rocks or pea gravel. The pit needs a steel ring, firebrick for the inner walls, and at least ten feet’s distance from the pool itself.

4. Deck jets

Seeking to really put the spotlight on your pool? Deck jets are the answer. They don’t require much water pressure and are incredibly affordable, compared to other pool add-ons. Kids will have a blast playing games under the jet streams, while adults have a fountain-esque display to look forward to – enhanced, in no small part, by LED lights.

5. Loungers

Forget the traditional, lilo-inspired designs. These days we have floating hammocks with a rolled-up end for a headrest. There are also mini-boat styles with indented middle sections, and recliners that mimic a beanbag. You can even go for something that’s the size and shape of a full armchair. Look online to discover just how many types of loungers are out there, fit for any family.

Our five suggestions should be enough to make a pool perfect at home, in a leisure centre or waiting patiently for hotel guests. If you’re considering a pool conversion, come to us. RC Coppin will bring over a century’s worth of stone expertise to the design discussion. Speak to our stonemasons today.

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