5 Ways To Transform Your Garden Into A Summer Sanctuary

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Summer is finally here. And, with all of us spending more time in our gardens than ever before, now’s an ideal time to put some life back into your outside space.

It can be easy to enjoy the sun when we can, rather than work on improving this much-loved area. But creating somewhere to truly relax in can ensure you improve your enjoyment of it for many years to come. This blog shows you how.

Let there be light

Adding a string of fairy lights or two will undoubtedly turn your exterior into your very own wonderland. But having lighting specifically made for your garden will light up every nook and cranny. It’ll also create the perfect party atmosphere for those post-lockdown gatherings.

Hang lanterns from branches, or decorate bushes with solar-powered net lights to create intriguing shapes. And if you want to splash out, why not light up your path with ground lighting?

Create a dedicated BBQ area

Having a dedicated BBQ area will give you the room needed to show off your amazing cooking skills and prepare a banquet.

Brick BBQs are always a safe bet, and can seamlessly integrate with your garden and home. They also generally last longer than the typical standalone options that you might find at stores. Combine it with a granite or porcelain worktop, and you won’t want to cook inside ever again.

Fashion a cosy corner

Section off a small part of your garden and create a cosy corner. It’ll become your go-to spot to hide in for an afternoon siesta on a hot day.

To achieve this effect, make sure you keep your space out of the sun. You can do this through a parasol. Or, if you want a more understated look, shape your greenery to create a foliage cover – clematis, climbing roses and ivy work well. Add the finishing touches to your corner with comfy seating and cushions.

Add a splash of colour

Injecting colour into your garden is easier than you think. Flowers are a great way to liven up your outdoor space. Most gardens don’t look complete without a flower bed, but hanging baskets and potted plants can work just as well when arranged at different heights.

However, if flowers are too high-maintenance for your busy lifestyle, consider accessories. A bright tablecloth in a colour that contrasts with your seat pads, or a tropical-print parasol, can create focal points amid a sea of green.

Keep it natural

Retaining your garden’s natural qualities will accentuate your home and add a luxury, lived-in feel. A natural stone patio would be an asset to any garden, and with the subtle earthy tones that are ingrained into many materials, you can create a dedicated seating area without it looking incongruous in its surroundings.

Investing in a stone patio now will also save you money in the long run. Materials such as decking can rot easily, and need replacing every couple of years. However, if looked after properly, stone can last in your summer sanctuary for decades.

If you need any help creating a garden you can unwind in and proudly show off to others, get in touch today by filling out our contact form.

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