Mix It Up In 2020: 6 Complementary Stone Pairings

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Contrasting tones and textures is an easy way to refresh your interior. With a wide range of colours and surfaces available in our stones here at RC Coppin, it couldn’t be simpler to achieve the kitchen, hallway or bathroom of your dreams.

But which contrasted materials serve to give balance to a room, rather than create a jarring effect?

We have compiled a list of six complementary stone pairings to give you some inspiration this new year.

Matte and polished

Mixing matte and polished stones is nothing new. However, using them to bring harmony to your kitchen, bathroom or hallway requires colour consideration too.

1. Lanka White and Nero Greco Lucidato Laminam

Lanka White granite and Nero Greco Lucidato Laminam are two stones that give a stylish, modern look to any room. The matte properties of Nero makes it a leading material for flooring, and the complementary tones of Lanka for your cabinets and units can create a beautiful contrast of light and dark.

2. Rosso Marinace granite and Duro Satin slate

Looking to make more of a statement? Opt for the Rosso Marinace granite and Duro Satin slate combination. It can create a rustic look – a classic choice for kitchens. The smooth, yet earthy Rosso is a perfect material for worktops. The more textured properties of Duro, on the other hand, makes it ideal for walkways.

Plain and patterned

Too much pattern can make a space feel busy and small, whereas a lack of ornamentation can make it look dull and commonplace. Having the best of both worlds allows you to experiment with various designs to create the perfect space for you.

3. Honed slate and Statuario Extra 1st white marble

Honed slate and Statuario Extra 1st white marble is a combination that will turn any space into a modern, sleek-looking area. The smooth, clean look and feel of honed slate is ideal for splashbacks or bathroom tiles. Pair it with white marble and you’ll intrigue every guest. Each slab has different intricate details, so you can proudly show off your space knowing that it is unique to you.

4. Orinoco Sensa and Denali Cloud Samsung Radianz

If you would like to go above and beyond, Orinoco Sensa oozes luxury. The golden and silver detailing that is embedded into the dark stone will be a mesmerising addition to any space. Incorporate a softer-looking stone, such as Denali Cloud Samsung Radianz, to neutralise the room.

Mute and vibrant

A pop of colour is sometimes all you need to make your space stand out from the crowd. When you step out of your comfort zone and choose an unexpected tone, you make the stone feature an instant centrepiece.

5. Pink onyx and Classic White Silestone

Pink onyx is a subtle pink stone that adds an element of class, without looking gaudy. Our Classic White Silestone is a complementary match, pulling out the whites within the onyx.

6. Amazonite and Vortium Silestone

Amazonite is part of our elite range, and rightly so. With its mesmerising features, it’s bound to be a conversation starter. Its vibrant turquoise, when paired with the muted creams of Vortium Silestone, creates a balance within any room. Choose amazonite to make a certain element stand out, such as a fire surround or the area above a bed headboard.

To discuss your design plans for 2020, give us a call on 01376 550 009. Alternatively, fill out our contact form. We’ll find the appropriate mix of stones for your home or business.

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