Make A Grand Entrance: 5 Stones Perfect For Lobbies

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As a building, hotels, offices and conference centres have one thing in mind: to impress and bring visitors into a totally unique environment. It’s little wonder, then, that stone is often heavily featured. With it, you get a classic interior that can handle high footfall without ever looking tired.

Grandeur, strength and luxury – these are the hallmarks of a stone. Here are five that bring a lobby to life like little else.

1. Marble

Whether it forms your walls, floors or pillars, marble can’t be beaten for sheer opulence. Five-star hotels such as the Waldorf Astoria and Raffles Singapore have laid this stone to breathtaking effect. Aside from the shine and reflectivity, though, marble designs are some of the most innovative on the market. Chicago’s Ritz-Carlton was transformed in 2019 with ultra-thin marble slabs: notably, lobby columns built from cuts just 1cm thick.

We have plenty of colours here at RC Coppin. From snow-like white and grey veining to Noir St Laurent for added interest where it counts.

2. Quartz

Sleekness lends an air of professionalism. With quartz, you can get a fine cut for front desks, floors and countertops. It’s a favourite of commercial spaces because it’s often more cost-effective and slightly more adaptable.

Clear quartz has a neutrality that may appeal to you. It’s also a fantastic decorative feature for lights and walls. Elsewhere, discover what Caesarstone, Cambria and other types of quartz can do for your lobby.

3. Porcelain

Typically, we think of porcelain sinks and bathrooms. But don’t miss its excellent properties for lobby tiles – the sheer durability will survive hundreds of pairs of feet moving across it every day. The Dukley Hotel in Montenegro makes incredible use of porcelain floors, not just in the entrance but throughout its rooms too.

As a baseline, research Dekton, Lapitec and Neolith stones for a bright, smooth finish. The cuts you may use are almost endless. Diamond patterns are a favourite, as well as hexagonal designs lined with black grout.

4. Travertine

It’s a close cousin to limestone, but travertine has certain properties that make it an excellent choice for lobbies.

Firstly, you get a darker hue than many stones – perfect for adding a sense of drama. There’s an earthiness to it that’s easily paired with striking backlighting, beige touches, and equally dark stairs. Secondly, it has a lot of grip for flooring investments. You can be surer of a non-slip floor if you go for travertine, which benefits a popular hotel or an office block that regularly sees a corporate crowd in a rush.

5. Semi-precious stones

This is the ultimate finishing touch to a lobby build. Semi-precious stones are used to stud walls, columns and mosaics, to any degree you want. You can even fix them onto stone tables for next-level elegance. The Four Seasons Hotel Baku has gone a step further, imbuing a section of their floor with an azure-coloured stone.

Neutral styles are still achievable. Rose Quartz brings a dash of pink to white and grey backings, whilst more eye-grabbing stones include Blue Agate and Malachite. They’re best employed for maximised attention: above a check-in desk, for instance, or lining the underside of a stone staircase.

Ready to plan your luxury lobby? Contact us – we have decades of experience to share. Speak to an RC Coppin representative to discover the right stone and cut for you.

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