Why Choose A Family Business For Your Stonework?

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All stonework demands excellence. Knowledge, experience and talent are required to integrate stone as part of any renovation project. Nothing less than the best will cut it.

That’s why it’s always worth seeking out a stonemason; industry veterans with an eye for detail can get the job done right. But what separates the best from the rest within the stonemason category? What attribute should you be searching for when narrowing down your potential candidates?

The answer may seem a little surprising at first glance: family.

Here, we explain why family-owned businesses are better equipped than any other company to provide flawless stonework solutions.

A burning passion

Perfection lies in passion. A flawless final outcome can only ever be realised when the instigator truly cares about their work. RC Coppin was set up more than a hundred years ago by Ronald Douglas Coppin. Whilst our founder has long since passed away, his burning passion for stonemasonry lives on through his descendants: us.

Our mission is to surpass those lofty standards set by the Coppins that came before us. We are passionate about honouring our ancestors: and the only way to truly achieve that is to give every customer our unwavering attention.

A collective vision

Stonemasons are, unsurprisingly, rather proud people by and large. Whilst this is good for the most part, it can potentially create artistic clashes as each individual stonemason strives to leave his/her own personal mark on a project.

Not so at RC Coppin. Our team are all working towards the same goal. What’s best for the customer is best for us – and we never place any pressure on clients (or one another) to pursue a particular design.

We share a collective vision here at RC Coppin: to produce a project of terrific quality. Accomplishing this means working together, every single step of the way.

A set of shared values

Renovating with stone is challenging work – both physically and mentally. There are obstacles to overcome right from the off; which is why every stonemason business needs a shared set of values to stay strong throughout.

We strive to support the client in every possible way, we cling onto the ambitions of our ancestors, and we devote ourselves to producing a quality final product in every single scenario.

Choosing a family business

Ultimately, it’s impossible to “gamble” on a family business. There is nothing more important to these people than producing something that reflects their sky-high standards and principles, so you’ll always see a quality result.

That’s why you should choose RC Coppin for stonework. We’re the best-known family stonemasons in the UK – providing a service that goes beyond standard stone renovations and produces a final result that you (and we) are enormously proud of.

If you’d like to learn more about a potential stone project, get in touch on 01376 550 009 or [email protected]. We’d love to tell you more about what our close-knit team can do for you.

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