5 Luxury Stones To Complete Your Lobby And Impress Guests

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Wowing guests and attracting footfall has rarely been more important. What’s the first thing they see when they enter your hotel? The lobby, of course. The space that welcomes them from one world into another…

You should be looking for a luxurious material to incorporate into this space in order to enhance the atmosphere and quality of your hotel. And well-crafted stone is more than up to the job.

1. Marble

It’s the grandest choice and, therefore, the stone we should start with. Marble barely needs an introduction. There’s the shimmering quality, for one; the huge range of colours, for another; and finally, the intense patterns that arise thanks to its exposure to immense heat and pressure. Marble is an incredible feature for pillars, flooring and service desks. It is one of the most expensive stones, however, so factor that into your investment.

2. Quartz

Quartz is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas like your lobby, where many people are going to visit each day. Floor tiles made from this material can take a lot of pressure over the years. This makes them relatively low maintenance – there’s no sealing or buffing involved to keep them shiny and non-porous. They’re fairly affordable too. Quartz is very smooth, though. Be sure to clean up spills straight away or risk a slip.

3. Granite

This stone can fit any aspect of your lobby design. It’s beautiful, adaptable and extremely tough – only diamonds are stronger. Furthermore, the types of granite available are sure to take your guests’ breath away. From wave-like effects to mottled and sandy tones, it’s one of the most versatile materials you can buy. If you want advice or inspiration for what colours may suit your lobby plan, just reach out to RC Coppin’s stonemasons. We have plenty of ideas.

4. Semi-precious stones

Searching for a glimmering accompaniment to a plain wall or statement lighting? Semi-precious stones are more than up to the task. By applying them in small places where they’ll have the most impact, they can embellish the lobby as a whole. They might form a whole strip from floor to ceiling, stud focal points by the check-in desk, or serve as a mosaic that hangs over your guests’ heads. It takes extremely specialist installation to get these elements right. But once they’re added, they’re undeniably brilliant.

5. Onyx

Another vivid stone – this time, with rippling patterns that look like mountains as seen from the sky. Onyx is one of the most popular black gemstones on earth, but its more varied use in large-scale architecture breaks open additional colours, veining and character. Warm oranges and dazzling greens will liven up your walls and floors like little else. Onyx’s vivacity also makes it an excellent match for soft lighting. You don’t need much to help it stand out.

Whatever luxury stone you choose, your lobby area deserves precision. Every cut has to be perfect. So let’s give your guests that ‘wow’ moment. Consult our stonemasons, who have lent their hand to many large, creative projects around the UK, and we’ll find the right stone for your brand and floor plan.

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