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We know attention to details is everything in restoration.

We have the passed the knowledge and skills from generation to generation for the past 100 years.

There’s an art to preserving the distinguishing features – namely, the age, appearance and character – of stone materials. When restoring natural stone or man-made substitutes, you need a specialist team of architectural stone masons with expertise in conservation work.

RC Coppin Ltd work closely with architects and designers to accurately match stone with existing installations. We specialise in cleaning, installing and restoring all types of stonework, from intricate features to entire buildings.

Premium stone restoration services

Attention to detail is everything for stone restoration projects. Whether you’re restoring a church, stately home or office block, it’s vital to assess restoration work on a case by case basis.

Our intimate knowledge of stone selection and masonry allows us to deliver unparalleled results when restoring properties in the public, private and commercial sectors.

Long-term stone preservation

Renovating stonework can range from the removal of minor scratches from a marble floor or worktop, to applying new sandstone installations with seamless results on a large scale.

We focus not just on the immediate restoration of your stone, but also the ongoing preservation of its appearance. An initial consultation will allow us to recommend the best course of action, followed by restoration, the application of impregnators to protect the stone, and ongoing maintenance when desired.

Based in Braintree, Essex, but working with clients across London and the south, RC Coppin are perfectly placed to support designers and architects in the region.

To arrange a free, no-obligation quotation, call 01376 550 009 or email and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.